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CO app and communication

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As suggested we have turned the notifications off of the CO app and that has been a huge help on the stress because DH can look at it when he decides to everyday instead of it being an interruption. Will definitely be nice on the cruise too since it is in 3 days. If there is an emergency then BM can call/text DH to get immediate hold of him, but just two weeks ago kind of abused that and messaged about a non-emergency. BM had messaged in the CO app to ask DH what our address is because she basically lost or misplaced it and needed it to send her change of address and when he didn't respond in 3 hours, she then texted him. I get that it was because she was on the brink of being late with the info, but that wasn't an emergency. Typical BM to be late or almost late on something. DH didn't respond in the text message because he did not want to encourage her to text him especially when their CO says only communicate in the CO app unless an emergency.

 BM has no idea we are going anywhere and we are keeping it that way. We will talk to SD tomorrow morning on the phone to check in on her and then we are 100% focused on the cruise until we come back. Haven't heard from SD's teacher about meeting with her and the principal on if SD should move on to 1st grade, but she knows we are out of reach for 8 days and we come back with 2 days left of the school year. It will be what it will be, no need to stress about it.

Of course this morning I got my period, but perhaps it will be done and over with before boarding the ship. The only good thing about getting my period this month is now we can go in the hot tubs on the ship and I can enjoy the cocktails that are served with each course of our chef's table dinner we also have booked the first night. So at least there are perks this month to not being pregnant that I am happy to enjoy. Hoping to come back from the cruise feeling relaxed and a better headspace because the last month I have been so stressed about things, 90% has nothing to do with step life. I will admit that 5% of it has been about being semi-jealous BM and her DH bought a house. Again though not jealous of anything specific with them, but just that I am so ready for us to stop renting and own a home. However, we didn't want the stress of moving and settling before the cruise into a house especially when we have 3 pets and our about to be 1 year old puppy has not been without us for more than 1 night yet so we did not want to disrupt his environment. We also didn't want to stress financially with all we have bought recently, wanted to fully enjoy our cruise, and the travel I/we have coming up in the next 3 months. The longer it takes for me to get pregnant the less a newborn would have to live in an apartment vs. a house so that is another perk too. 

Everything happens for a reason and I am just looking forward to finally going on our honeymoon and coming back refreshed. This week with work has been BRUTAL and I have worked late every day and at 10000% percent. DH has also had a rough work week too. 


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At first I didn't like the cruise was a monday to monday, but now I am so glad because we have the whole weekend to pack, get organized, and spend time with the fur babies

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This break and trip are going to be so good for you guys! Just focus on eachother and having fun- honestly with no kids to worry about! Let us know all about it when you get back!

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I definitely will Smile

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I am pretty sure it is the standard language of a CO in the state of Virginia. Both parents have to send address changes a minimum of 30 days ahead in writing via mail to both the court and to the other parent's address.