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Update court

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BM testified Friday.  She also told judge she is scarex of me, I am a trouble maker and causing problems with their coparenting. Court got later and was reconvened. She did not finish her testimony.  I have not been called but don't know if this may change things.

GAL report states that SS has no issues with me.

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Thinks she is changing her story since GAL came out that SS has no issues with me, he said whenever she doesn't get her way she "ups the ante"


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She now says I am involved in co parenting...

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Sounds frustrating! Sorry this is happening to you. BM here is also saying that I'm oh-so-scary. I have to think these courts hear this same garbage over and over again, they must be able to discern when someone's hitting the checklist of b.s. to say when they're not getting their way. Best of luck to you!

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That is what I am wondering, in past I was told I can only sue if I can prove damages (if it affects my job) and she doesn't directly harass me. 

she also said she is concerned bc of my line of work due to being around drugs-didn't say why 

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Attorney already asked that at deposition, she said no, just afraid of me. When he started hammering her, she yelled she is afraid of me so just deal with it. Her attorney stopped the questioning. 

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Sorry you have to hear this from bm.

.The courts do hear the same thing over and over. Lawyers act like your case is NOTHING they have ever come across before. What a joke. 

It's all bs.

Again I am sorry. (((HUGS))))