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OT - Eff Off Friday

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I am sooooooo happy it's Friday! The weekend cannot start soon enough. What a busy freaking year this has been. *dash1*

Eff off to:

  • King Pita. My new boss is floundering. And who is inadvertently and unwillingly becoming his right hand because she knows more about what goes on behind the scenes? For the team!!! *diablo*
  • Me. For the unwavering work ethic ingrained in me by my Dad. Got my teeth sunk in it and refuse to let go. Monday is a holiday, but I'll be logging in to do some work. *bomb*
  • Cancer. Neighbor passed away. 48 years young. Cray 2


Wishing you a stress-free, health, and enjoyable weekend. 


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My dear friend died of brain cancer on Wednesday night, leaving behind 2 youngsters and a devastated husband. She was a beautiful young woman, inside and out. My heart hurts. 

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I'm so sorry, granny! {{{hugs}}}

The neighbor left behind a grieving wife and 5 children. Diabolical stuff. Sad

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Sorry both of you for your losses.

I lost a great friend to cancer nearly 12 years ago.  Today I got a raft of photos of her husband and son (nearly 14) having a great adventure trip together.  I wish my friend was here to see her boy grow into a young man but I'm grateful to be included in seeing him grow up.

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We always hope parents will be around to see their children grow up. Maybe some grandkids for those so inclined. I was mid 40s when my mother passed and I still wish she was here to see my accomplishments and that I am finally with a wonderful man.

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Eff off to grown-ass adults who act like children, right to the point of actual whining. The receptionist in my office was exposed to The Covid, is not vaccinated, and therefore had to quarantine at home. That means taking sick leave.

"But I'm not even SICK (whine, whine). It's not FAIR." And then, "I want to work from HOME (whine, whine). OTHER people do." How the hell does a receptionist work from home? "It's not FAIR" (whine whine). She's 60 frigging years old.


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My MIL is a big whiner.

She again wins my eff off award this week for whining to DH that I "never" reply to her texts or calls. 1) I do reply...maybe not to all of them, but no one in DH's family ever replies to anything; 2) the perfect way for someone to ensure I will ignore them is if they act needy, accuse me of something I didn't do, and try to triangulate with someone else. Special bonus points to MIL for always trying to convince DH to tell me what to do and for trying to have "secrets" with DH about me. I know MIL is lonely, but none of her kids respond to her, so why should I? Also, silent SIL is always praised to the hilt by MIL and I know she ignores MIL more than I do. MIL is leaving on January 20th for four months in FL. I do not plan to see her before then. She better not try to make plans directly with SSs for a visit this weekend (it's SSs' weekend at our house).

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People who are very late yet offer no apology , or even a call before to say hey Im running late. Like my time is worthless. 

What ever happened to basic manners? Heck I grew up with the most dysfunctional family with addictions, trauma and even my folks harped on teaching us manners. Shame my folks didnt practice what they preached LOL, but this is one good thing I learned from them. It aint hard to say please, thank you, morning, OR my beef today "Sorry I am running late"

People suck sometimes

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Speak it, sister!!! *clapping*

Another thing that's irritating are those who feel the need to wait until the eleventh hour to accept an invitation. Solely because something better might come along. Or those who make a YUGE deal out of attending but never show up.

Several years ago, a friend and her DH were supposed attend my sister's and my party (co-hosts). They even coordinated a major dish with another couple. And never showed up. Turns out, the NoShows had no intention of doing so. The OtherCouple learned the NoShows had long-standing plans to attend another party that night and had no intention of coming. So here was OtherCouple with half of the makings for an elaborate dish. Fortunately, we were able to concoct a dish from their offerings and some pantry items. The NoShows were permanently bumped off of all future invitations. 

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Eff off to YSD(almost16!!!FFS) who this morning, as I've got the car started, putting things in, she's just hovering outside the car in the dark. ????  Ok, I ignore it, obviously the car is unlocked. Her usual wierdness.

So I don't say anything, I just get into the drivers seat and close the door. THEN she opens the rear passenger door behind me, and starts getting in the car - she hesitates slightly because all my stuff is on that seat and on the floor. Then she starts climbing in all over my stuff.  I litterally say, "What the H*ll YSD, don't climb all over my things - go around!" She starts saying bascially, "But.....this....but....that...and...." and continues to climb over and get in her usual seat. I tell her, "Do NOT climb over people's things - it's rude and this is NOT a school bus."  She does apologize.

If she tries to pull that action again it's only the front seat for her with me from then on.

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But but but.... that would mean making an unwanted effort! Jeez, Cover. Ya coulda moved yer stuff.... 

Eff it. Evil Aniki would lock the back doors and have only the front door unlocked.

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It is 2 years today, that my beloved brother died from cancer. I am as crushed today as I was then. ...He was sincerely, a good man. I could just bawl. 

* I know he wants all of us to laugh and  raise a beverage today. Life goes on,  he would say, be happy thumper you deserve it*


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Bawl, darlin'. You might feel better afterwards. {{{HUGS}}}

Then raise a glass and toast to your brother because he is absolutely right. Be happy, Thumper. You deserve it. Think of his love and life and the time you were blessed to have him, albeit too short. *drinks*

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Hon, I lost my bright, beautiful, witty brother over 30 years ago and still miss him terribly. He'd also approve of a glass being raised in his honor, rather than a tear being shed. So let's do it, kiddo! Raise that glass! Drinks

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^^^^^Thank you Aniki^^^^^

Cheer's to the memory of those we deeply love and lost.

I am so sorry to hear about your neighbor and Grannyd's dear friend. 

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One of my daughters is in the USA for a year. She's near NYC and has had enough of the cold, the snow, the slush. Sooo, she and 4 friends decided to spend 3 days in Miami. Being a responsible person, she decided to get her vaccine booster yesterday and had the most awful reaction to it. All 4 of us have had the booster and, of all the shots, that was the only uneventful one. 

She hasn't slept since. She has been freezing cold, had blinding migraines, nausea, and tested negative. Fingers crossed she'll be better for her trip - it starts tomorrow. I'd hate for her to miss her trip paid for with her hard-earned cash. She was a bit better today. Hope she's well tomorrow. 

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I had a pretty bad reaction to the booster - headache, body aches, extreme fatigue. Much worse than my reaction to the first two doses. It passed within two days. Hoping the same for your daughter!

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F off to DH's oldest son (42). You want a bidet? Go buy yourself one.

Background: We have bidets in both bathrooms, installed at our remodel 12 years ago. The past few years, DH's oldest son has "hinted" he wants a bidet....for his birthday, then for Christmas, then for his wedding gift and now he has a new baby....yep. He is dropping hints for a bidet. DH sends him the link to buy it. LMAO

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The story and then Anika's comment....busted out laughing. DH asked what was funny. I laughed even harder.

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To training your replacement at work.  It's so exhausting.  But...4 working days left.  And I am not logging in on Monday (a holiday for us)!

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When I retired, I was unsure how it would go but so ready to be done with the corporate craziness.  These 9 years have been the happiest of my life!  That's saying a lot considering I've dealt with my borderline SD60,  the death of my sister after long illness and my mom's many moves in assisted living and long-term.

The very best is being able to do things at my own pace.  Its also been wonderful to have these many days with DH84 here at the end of our lives.  We are so blessed to have our health (for the most part), our home, our stable community and each of these precious days.

I hope the best for you, too, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.


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Yes exactly - that's what I'm aiming for.  Just a general slower pace and the choice to do things when I want!

Early on in my career I decided I was going to work my butt off and make lots of bank ( and that's what pretty much happened) - in order to set up a future that was financially secure so I had choices.  This was even before SO - my goal was to be financially able to retire by 50.  I turn 50 in April - so I definitely met that goal!

I can't wait.  Corporate life was good to me when I was younger but now - I want my days to be my own!

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Eff off to:

Remote college learning which is allowing SD22 to keep extending her stay in town. Now she is leaving after the weekend??? Please Lord ... no more flight changes. Diablo

Covid - pretty sure my BD has it after going on a college tour but she can't get tested yet and maybe I have it too? Even tho I am full Vaxed and boosted, Omicron is flying in the air like it just don't care. Feeling slightly "off" but no obvious symptoms ...

SDiabla22, I won't go into the tedious details but she is such an irritating, phony person ... If I will her out of our lives with the power of my mind will it happen?

I hope you are all having a lovely and peaceful weekend.