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Time with just one SD

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SD17 is quarantined with her mother, and SD15, who isn't sick (still not sure if it's COVID because BM refuses to test and SO is being vague), has been spending time with us. She's been a delight, and I mean that 100%. She's been cooking with us, hiking local trails, tidying up after herself, and has just been altogether fun to be around.

We can all do things together with no arguments. No one's making fun of my clothes, or screaming, or comparing me to BM. Both girls sleep in until noon, but SD15 doesn't complain when we do something in the morning without her. No one's waiting on Her Highness to descend the stairs from her room and demand we drop everything for her.

The difference between the two girls is just so night and day.



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I am glad that at least SD15 is making it so she is a delight to be around. SD17 makes fun of your clothes? Wow, sounds like a snot. My SD12 constantly compares me to her mother, and if she isn't comparing me to her mom, she sure is bringing her up every 10 minutes. When it was BM's birthday, she goes to her dad, "Dad don't forget it's mom's birthday and you have to get her something." Which he never does, but I think she was just trying to press my buttons. 

That sounds like a relaxing week for you and I hope that you and your family stay healthy and safe out there! I just got word that my nephew just tested positive and my mom was just holding him yesterday, which I work in the same office as my mom so I may have to quarintine next, which means a week full of hell with SD12. The last time we quarintined she was just god awful and mouthing off to me every chance she got. I had to work from home, and she kept interrupting me when I was on a business call or conference with my suppliers. It was not fun! 

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Ugh the clothes!  It didn't matter if I wore dresses or sweats (more sweats now due to COVID and working from home lol), SD17 loves to mention how it's not what her mom would wear. Oddly enough, she's borrowed my clothes several times. Pretty sure it's her mom telling her things, because there's been comments from her since the beginning about my body, my job, my finances, and where I live that wouldn't normally come from a teen. 

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Sometimes siblings just bring out the worst in each other. There was a long period of time where I could barely tolerate being with both of my SDs. They made everyone around them miserable bickering or competing/comparing  with each other. When circumstances came up that resulted in just one or the other being with us, it was night and day. Even during peak teen shittyness, OSD was pretty fun to be with when YSD wasn't there, and vice versa. 

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That is the relationship I dreamed of having with Bratty McBratFace.  Instead, I got an entitled, self-absorbed, narcissist giant brat.

If that is your experience with younger SD, I would drop to my knees and thank the heavens.  Congrats!  Sounds lovely.