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The movie "Stepmom"

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Since my last blog was not a very good one and I had to keep defending myself and not being specific enough I guess, I thought I would post on the lighter side of things and just not reach out for advice anymore and just offer my own advice and that's that. 

Who has seen this movie? (Stepmom) Obviously it's not based on a true story, but what did you think? Did you think Julia Roberts character had the right responses/actions toward bratty future SD? Do you think the Ed Harris' character handled everything in the right way? What about Susan Surandons? 

Though my SD12 isn't as snotty as the SD played in the movie, she has some of her quirks so I actually ended up showing SD12 and DD13 this movie and SD12 didn't really react but my DD13 did by saying, "Wow, SD is a witch." **Laughing face**

Does anyone have a decent relationship with their BM/BD? 

Does anyone have a rocky relationship ship like Julia Roberts and future SD did in the beginning?

What are your techniques for handling similiar situations such as these? I know it's not a true story and it's a little far fetched, but has anyone even came close to experiencing that type of behavior from BM and SD or even DH?


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I have watched it, I like that movie, some things are very representative.  There is another one with Natlie Portman called "the other woman' 

There are some painstaking moments that represent the issues with a golden uterus BM and a kid rejecting her, the dad defending the kids behavior and minimizing her feelings and's a good one.

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I think I have watched that before, like when it first came out and I don't remember much about it. I may check it out with DBF tonight for our date night. Sounds pretty good and I love Natalie Portman. Any other movie suggestions that are close to either of these ones? Any kid friendly ones that help teach lessons of some sort?

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the other woman

DH and I were set up on a blind date by a coworker of mine. During our first date we realized that 20 years before, his deceased ex and him along with me and my first husband had all played on the same 60 person sports league. We were not on the same team.

At SD2's wedding, in the course of a conversation, the new mother-in-law remarks that I'll always be considered 'the other woman'. (She had been told that I broke up the marriage.) I was stunned.

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DH and I are watching "To the Lake" on Netflix now. It's about a pandemic (this was filmed before 2019 incredibly) in Russia. Two families are thrown together. One an older (jerk who is rich) man re-married to a younger woman who we find out used to be a stripper; we find this out because his teen daughter (a lot of issues there!) spills the beans at a dinner. The new wife is pregnant.

The other family is a man and his new wife, she's his former therapist. She has a teen son with autism. His elderly father is also traveling with them. He apparently left his (crazy controlling) ex wife for his therapist. He hs a young son - the son mostly lives with his ex. His ex is a complete GUBM. Also she practices PAS. All these people are thrown together.

LOL - the situations and it's NOT glossed over!  The teen girl is a manipulative terror; her father ignores her behavior. She actually has some compassion for her step-mother, but barely. The autistic son is probably the most sympathetic character - the only one who causes no harm (so far). The father of the young son now has called out the GUBM for her treatment of their son and the new wife regularly calls her a b*tch under her breath.

So good!

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Holy, sounds like a lot going on there and choatic. I like it and will check it out!

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All i remember about Stepmom is that the BM dies at the end. At least i think that's the movie i'm thinking of. 

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Yes she does, she had cancer a while back, fought it and then it came back. Definitely re-watch if you have access to be able to do so. It's on amazon prime for rent. 

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The major difference between this movie and what most of us on this site experience is that Susan Sarandon's character is not a vindictive b*tch or batsh*t crazy. She is relatively normal, especially for someone fighting a terminal disease, and most of the BM's on this site are far from normal.

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Ain't that the truth.