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Ex wife giving gifts

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Hi so advice please, i have been with my partner for 3 years going on 4. So at christman time we go to my partners sisters house for dinner ect . My partners ex has gifts there for everyone to open when we are doing our gifts exchange. They say we have gifts from ( blank ) here and my partners sister hands out her gifts she buiys everyone. Do you find that strange ? i just sit there wondering why she does this ? it make s me feel unfomy. I try and fit in and in turn i feel very unfomy. Not only is it new but i feel his ex cant let go . i feel this is to far . 

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First, what does "unfomy" mean?

Second, it seems maybe a little odd, but it's not like BM is there celebrating. Sounds like she just leaves gifts there for people, so I'm guessing she still some sort of relationship with them?

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I guess unfomy to means means, i dont freak out and storm off, i just feel uncomfortable sitting there when they say her name all loud gifts from so and so,, i just find it weird. 

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when i split i dodnt do that ,, we split we split. i left him and his partner to his family and thats that . if i had gifts for my ex mum in law or dad i sent it there , i wouldnt bring them and have them open it at xmas dinner knowing my ex was there with his wife , its just strange 

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I jaw dropped when SS came in with gifts from his mom to my 2 kids who were 28 and 18 at the time. Soo weird! She was in a "we are one big family" phase. We ignored her attempts at this and she finally got the message I wasn't interested in her in our lives. The family of your DH should not participate in this behavior in front of you. I wonder if they enjoy the possibility of drama being stirred up.

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i guess they do it seems like they feel anything is wrong with this. My partner said if it happens this year that will say something after wards not causing fdrama there in front of the kids ect, he will have a calm convo afterwards.