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Nurses are racists or so I'm told...

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BF had his court ordered visit with SS the other day.  During a conversation, SS blurted out “Did you hear that BLM is being targeted by nurses? They (The nurses) are racists.”

BF told him that is not true, and SS went on to say that nurses are “a dime a dozen,” and "do nothing but sit and have a coffee klatch”

BF was pi$$ed, as SS never said anything bad about nurses in the past.  As a young boy scout he went to area hospitals to give out gifts/treats nurses, and in recent years his school made posters for nursing/doctor staff during the pandemic.

The verbiage he used is not his own.  Obviously coming recently from BM.  Whatever!!!  BF sent the information to the lawyer and the GAL…

Never f*%@ng ends!

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BF asked where he heard this information from, he said "I just thought about it on my own." Yeah, riggggggghhhhhttttt.....

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This BM is the queen of weird personal attacks. Nurses are targeting BLM? WTF?  Also, we have a shortage of nurses, lol, they are anything but a dime a dozen.

Court always ramps up these crazy witches and increases their alienation.  Does BM want your BF back? Is that what this is about for her?

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I have asked BF time and time again be said absolutely not. 

She grew up wealthy, but now the money is gone.  She lives in a $900,000 home and just got a new Volvo, but makes a little more than minimum wage at the Gap (Has had like 20 jobs in 20 years) She hides behind a good name and claims she is broke is needs more CS, even targeting me stating several times she is going to “sue” me for CS. 

BF believes that she thinks she could run me off like she did with the XGF, and didn't realize that she made the biggest mistake of her life by targeting me, she thinks (And has been brought up as such) that she is superior to everyone else.  

When I first met him, she was running his life.  Now she claims they had a great co-parenting relationship until this “Skank” came along.

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So she thinks that being broke because you are financially irresponsible is a valid reason to increase her CS? Bwahaha!!! 

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She started the CS business after her married boyfriend left her.

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Yes Tog, you're right.  If nurses come a dime a dozen, why am I working 40 hours of overtime each week?? Oh no, don't tell BM. I may be on the hook for CS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *biggrin*

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She is delusional, lol. Married stepparents aren't even forced to pay CS, much less GFs who don't even live there. The court must think she's a lunatic. 

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It will be interesting to find out what the GAL report looks like....

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I never met her and plan to never meet her.   I want nothing to do with her drama.

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Maybe she made some, weird connection to the healthcare workers that don't want to get vaccinated.. that they must be trump supporters.. and therefor must be racist... and anti BLM?  The dime a dozen seems likely from someone with no understanding of the

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It's nothing more than filling SS's head with her programming.  Did you ask him critical thinking questions as how that doesn't match his experience with nurses first hand???   Idiot kid but he is a member of a cult, cult of BM that is.  

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 that her overheard BM and her freinds joking about nurses being "racists"  and "lazy."   No life!