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Christmas shopping could be fun

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So I was reading a stepparent confessions Reddit thread, and it gave me the idea that the best possible Christmas gift for SD is art supplies. The messiest, most staining art supplies I can find. Ya know, since one of the items on SDs list of complaints was that we don't have enough art supplies for her. Obviously any gift we get her now will go to BMs anyway. So glitter, paint, etc it is. Water beads. Slime. Probably throw in some candy too - pixie sticks, fun dip. 

I hope BM comes home to a huge mess one day and SD tells her to F off (again) when she tells her to clean it up.


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For the slime kit of course!

Tye dye kits are good too Diablo

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Givng messy/loud/annoying things is one of the most enjoyable aspects of giving gifts to other people's kids. One Xmas, we gave drums to a nephew and a karaoke machine to his sister. Good times.

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Formerly called Moon Sand.  It's sticky and kids love it.  Also, it's impossible to clean up.

Oh!  They have scented now!  I wish I had kids whose parents I hate...

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I'm guilty of doing this. One school holidays I let SD buy a crap load of craft supplies to keep her entertained while DH was called into work. I bought paints, glitter, stencils, paper.. so much crap. It was all pretty cheap, so I splurged a little. Toxic BM was to be picking her and SS up and SD was disappointed she wouldn't be able to continue her craft the rest of the holidays at her mother's house. SD complained there was never any craft things there. So.. I gave her a box and said 'Here, SD! Why don't you take everything you would like over to her house and you can continue it!' She was sooo excited and crammed everything in there. Hahah. She would have hated all that crap back at her place. Oh well! 

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If SD is into art , then maybe music is in her future. I hear trombones and violins are a mass hit for the youngins today. 

You are all about "fine tuning" , no pun intended LOL, SD's interests.

Have a blast with the gifts.


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Lol I think I am the only one who doesn't mind those type of gifts. I love when my children are gifted arts and crafts supplies. Except slime. We don't do slime because it ruined brand new Christmas pajamas one year. My kids automatically know that slime goes straight into the trash here. Glitter, paint, and playdoh are always welcome though.

SD is fully PAS'out and this will be the second year she doesn't get any gifts from us or the family. At least we know money won't be wasted on gifts lost, stolen, or sold at BM's.

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Give karma a little nudge to do it's thing!

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Disney Dad DH used to spend thousands on the SKs every Christmas and birthday. Of course everything disappeared to BM's house never to be seen again. I, the ever supportive SM participated in present shopping. Oh yes! There are advantages to doing that. No siree! No disengagement for me at Christmas time! One year, I bought floam. And lots of it. I also bought a flying monkey. You pull his arms and legs and it launches across the room screeching. I demonstrated it for DH and thinking it would stay at our house he yelled "are you out of your fucking mind!" It was so loud. I liked the message it sent that the SKs were BM's flying monkeys. I also brought little wooden flutes back from a trip. I was determined to make BM pay the price for buying furbies for the SKs to take to our house. Furbies are evil. I'd be home alone and suddenly start hearing the fuckin' things start talking in their weird voices. They never shut up. They were light activated but even putting them in the closet or covering eyes never worked.

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DH and I never saw it again lol.

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We bought (read: I bought; Chef was too broke after voluntarily overpaying massive non-arrears CS) the Animal Torturer (SD at the time 8 yrs old) an easle.  One day I walked out and she had thrown it in the burning pit!  Brand new!  All the toys, gifts, etc. either wound up at Girhippo's never to be seen again OR in an untouched corner of the bedrooms at our house.

I never thought about buying loud, messy or obnoxious toys to go back to the BM's but with my luck, those type of toys WOULD have been the ONLY ones to stay at OUR house.

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Oh that gave me another idea. Theres these LOUD squawking chickens that are unbearable to listen to.

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Check out your local toy shop for electric microphones (like on stage), electric keyboards, guitars, karaoke sets... all of them annoying as hell -This is the voice of experience talking. 

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Your SD may be too old for Moana, but I bought my SD the Screaming Hei Hei toy 2 years ago (she was older but LOVED Moana). It went back to BMs. I haven't laughed that hard in a while!! I asked her what happened to it, she said she didn't know, it must be there somewhere but she can't find it. Best $15 ever wasted. They still sell them on Amazon *lol*

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I just checked youtube to see what a screaming Hei Hei is. OMG! I'm in hysterics!!! 

There's a screaming Hei Hei video on youtube that is over two hours long. Hmmmmm. That could come in handy.

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A set of musical bells works well. My kids were given these when I was experiencing tinnitus from a concussion. Lovely!!