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Caught up with Child Support

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SO is caught up with child support and more important finally has a caseworker after repeated calls. BM refused to respond to the summer visitation credits and they are defaulting to what SO submitted which is what they should do but after her delaying so long he has over paid by hundreds.

Since his checks are garnished by court order (meaning we can’t just stop paying or adjust it on our own) and it takes so long for the system to catch up on his side they can’t just refund it to him as it’s already been paid out. They really don’t have a good system of how to handle over payments for our state and without a caseworker everyone else dropped the ball we’re now in an odd place.

I’m concerned because the plan is to reduce what he pays till the over payment is corrected which is fine. But it will take 3 months to go through all of it and in the meantime BM is going to be a nightmare and I also see her trying everything she can to screw him over. It’s just going to take so long and I’m so afraid of someone going in and screwing with things. What the caseworker explained makes since and uses the systems they have already in place but it’s just not good. Basically she adjusted what he owes to the summer rate which he will pay each check. The other half will be reduced from the over payment. BM will still get a partial payment but she’s not going to like it. I see her calling the office to complain that it isn’t summer and her refusing to understand or whoever takes the call just believeing her without doing any extra digging.

We also got him removed from the tax withholding program and I see BM forgetting that the nice check she got at the start of each summer was because of him still having back due child support. Let me also add she's recently quit her job..........


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That sucks. But at least there is some kind of relief in sight.

We have our own fun challenges with that advance child tax credit thing.

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I'm really curious on how it will impact family court if they do make it a long term thing because from what I understand child support rates are calculated with the tax credit included and now they've just increased it. Theoretically child support should be reduced slightly since the increased credit reduces the over all cost of raising a child.

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HAH. Yes this will be an interesting year 2022 for taxes. And also for child support.

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Well, if Child Support Enforcement is reducing it, she can take up her grievances with them. He should direct her there, and then ignore. 

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While yes I know there's very little she can legally do we all know a spiteful biomom can make hell for those around her. Everything from just removing the tiny bit if extra time she allows to in general just being more unpleasant to work with. We have a working but easily stressed coparenting relationship that when she gets mad about something she makes a nightmare. 

She also takes it out on the kids and creates more struggles for them leading to the oldest becoming more depressed and the youngest acting out more. Nothing we can seeking assistance for as its no out right abuse or neglect.

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Would it be helpful if your DH notified BM in writing of the upcoming changes? Obviously she's going to be angry no matter what, but would being proactive lessen her tantrum? 

My DH's ex wife is an angry shouter who thinks being the loudest is how to win disagreements. Way back when we married, DH owed arrears and BM had difficulty getting her CS  payments. Payroll was forwarding the money to our state's CS agency, but they weren't disbursing it consistently. BM once  *itched and moaned to me she sometimes went months receiving nothing, then got a lump sum. She also shared that she routinely called the agency to "get answers". I imagine her tirades probably had a lot to do with her CS problems (she once received no CS for seven months). Unfortunate for the skids, but classic BM screwing herself with her inability to control her mouth. Shrieking at the people you need help from is never a good idea.

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Nope. Best to let her figure it out from them. Telling her in advance only gives her longer to throw a fit. She does what she wants and plays victim when it backfires.

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Let me also add she's recently quit her job..........

Why did she quit her job? do you know?