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I stand with John

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It is a little slow going at parts but it is a devastating story on youtube on parental alienation. Might be worth sharing with your spouses/SO's dealing with this...


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In the first 30 seconds?  Yeah I don't stand with John those folks have nothing to do with his purported purpose.  This is typical misinformation social media.

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Did you watch the whole thing? This man was accused of abuse from his wife and kids, no evidence and after like 3 years was finally cleared of all accusations. 47 false CPS calls against him from his ex. Fought in the court system for years. FINALLY had a no shit order and BM had to turn the kids over and he was murdered. 


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He leverages images of people who twist truth and spread misinformation.  Therefore the premise of his platform is questionable.  It is hard to believe he is a credible source or that his guests are truthful.  If this video was the product of a more credible source I would certainly view it.  

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I only got through the first few minuites before the baby needed attention yesterday, but I agree with Crspyew that the slew of celebrities at the begining that were apparently all "falsely" accused of various domestic violence acts etc without any acknoledgement that domestic violence is a real and serious issue that is not always a case of false acusations left a bad taste in my mouth. That and the 20 million men (in the USA) who said they had been falsely accused that we are to belive are also all telling the truth. The opening felt very incel-y, that women are evil and out to get men.

To be honest that biased and sensationalized (with all the celebrities) "reporting" made me want to turn it off but I wanted to watch it as you had recomended it.

I know that pas and false acusations happen, I just think there are better ways to present it.

I'll try to find time to watch the video today.  

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I sped up through the first 10 minutes because I wasn't a fan of how it started either. About the 10 minute mark is when you get into the actual story. It is really a crazy one.

I was telling my husband about it and we both said this could have been him. I have no doubt given how BM's dad acts around DH and everything we have been through that this wouldn't have been him if DH gave up his career and followed BM to KS. 

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4 CPS reports on him, 1 against his mom all fasley reported and the "system" will only state "unfounded" except in one state she accused him in they threw out the whole CPS report as false. (yes HCBM has reported him in two states) and fact is she'll do it again. I can not in my right mind understand how you get to double digits and allow her to continue to report (in the film), no no all women are evil but this one sure is and he paid with his life with the web of lies she spun. It was very difficult to watch

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The ONLY reason BM hasn't filed false reports against my husband is because that could end his military career and cut off her $$ supply. Had he gotten out to follow his her/his kid- absolutely would have happened. It did with the other 2 exes! One thing I can say about BM2, she isn't dumb... she is calculated.