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New paydate

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He's going to call child support tomorrow but sometimes it's a nightmare getting clear answers if he can even get someone on the phone so I wanted to ask here.

My partner has started his new job and Friday he gets his last check from his old one which should child support taken out of. He then gets his first check with the new job next week on Friday which the they are supposed go start garnishing from. How will they handle the pay date changing? It means she'll kind of get half an extra payment? As it is this last check isn't for a whole work period so it won't be enough to cover the full amount and I don't think the first one from the new job would be either as both are for half a typical pay period.


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A good person to ask this question to might be JustMakingTheBest since she does payroll. My DH has had his job switch pay structures (it was every two weeks, then twice a month, now back to every two weeks), and I feel like his CS was paid based on how many weeks his paycheck covered since DH's CS is calculated weekly. So, if he worked 2 weeks at the previous job, he'd have 2 weeks worth of CS garnished. If it was a week, he'd have a week garnished. If he had a gap between employers of two weeks because he wanted a vacation or time between jobs, he'd have to pay those two weeks directly to the CS office.

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But typically, CS garnishments are based on the number of paychecks per year.  Some states will provide a withholding amount based on weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly pay, and there's a maximum amount that can be withheld, based on whether there's an arrears or not.  It's always best not to accumulate an arrearage.

To be honest, the payments I get from my X through the state are often not the full monthly amount due, but by the end of the year, it all washes out.  Also, where I am, if payments are made through withholding, you can also make payments directly to the state to prevent an arrearage, if necessary.

I get the concern that BM might get an overpayment.  Unfortunately, that can happen, and literally no one will care.  Underpayments they care about.

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It probably depends on how regularly your state AG's office is auditing payments. When my H changed jobs, BM got an extra payment and they caught it about 3 months later and sent a letter saying that he had a "credit" in that amount and suggesting that he have his HR people pause garnishment for a pay period. It was such a hassle that we never did it and ultimately when he was completely self-employed, we just fixed it ourselves by skipping a pay period. 

If the HR people at the new job are friendly, maybe he should speak to them and see if they can start the garnishment in his second pay period.

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At least here, they seemed to sort all that out at child support enforcement and would send DH any overpayments he made a couple times a year.