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Dh is trying to fake it

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Well my Dh is trying to fake not being hurt by SD. She played him like fiddle. I think he is actually more embarrassed than anything for falling for it. Not sure if he is going to keep pursuing her or let it go. She quit talking to him 2 days after getting money from him. He asked her about school and she threw it in his face how they used his $300 to go to the horse races and spend the weekend at a resort. It all came out to be a completely fabricated story except the fact that BM really did dump all her kids and ran off. The Aunt has had all her medical info and paid only one $5 co pay not the hundreds she claimed Dh owed her. They were just trying to get some money for their weekend getaway. Which they did. I'm not being too harsh on him he feels bad enough but I wish he wasn't so stupid sometimes. 


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I'm sure it stings right now but how quickly will he forget when she comes crying needing money again?  I would note this date down and the amount of money lost so you can start making a log for him.

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OMG! The whole story was a lie? This aunt is a piece of work. Well, hopefully he learned. 

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Yep, all the insurance papers came in today. Every doctor visit the Aunt claimed she paid for was paid by DH's insurance the one she didn't claim to have or know about.

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It will never end.  SD guilting DH into giving her money.  Then lieung yo him about what it was need for.  No more money to SD.  This is the end.  DH should get a part time job to support SD if he wants. 
Make sure you go away. Put it on a credit card. DH can pay it off he's flush with money. 

seriously  DH was lied to by SD.  That has no effect on him.  He. Should be mad not hurt.  His kid lied to him.  If DH can support DD horse racing and hotel stay. He can take you away for the weekend. 

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He's says he can't believe she would do this to him or treat him that way. The last thing she told him was she's not sure if she can ever trust him again for what he did to her. Dh asked her what exactly did he do to her to make her not trust him. She said it was choosing to have the "her". My daughter, who she was calling her baby sister everyday 2 weeks ago to scam money out of him. 

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She's not sure if she can ever trust him? That's rich.

He should have told her that's fine, because he can't ever trust her, again, either.

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Are sisters of the year (its fake), after the eldest sd who was 23.5 at the time calls hubby with some bullshit sob story that he abandoned them for us that he loves up more.

well its hard to love ungrateful rude disrespectful kids who are exact replicas of bat shit crazy hcgubm vs sane normal me and our kids who are pleasant to hubby. 

it's disgusting adult teenage siblings guilting a parent for having another child together. Since when did we need permission from kids to have sex with our partner/spouse and have kids? Because my husband certainly doesn't see it and he's at times  a disney dad

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I never thought I’d be grateful for our crazy BM’s holier than thou attitude but you’ve made me realise that at least she limits herself thanks to her obsession of being seen as a “good person”. Here’s what happens when they give zero shits about appearances and go fully unhinged. 

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Sometimes the best way to learn is through our mistakes. My husband had to make quite a few mistakes with "lending" BM money for various things before he got better at not just dolling out cash. The lessons are painful but if they are learnt they are worth it in the end.