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Second Verse ...same as the first...My Motto for SD and GWR

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Ah....hear that ..that is my deep breathing.....*breath in .....breath out**** and I find my peace.  

Both my Skids have high aspirations...but very in crater levels of ** motivation/work ethic.   We have seen what GWR has done with his life...barely graduating high school ( he was pity passed in most classes) and now works part time as a cashier and lives in Beaver's basement. 

SD...athough not the sharpest tool in the shed...if she works hard could go to college and have a decent career.  DH has reviewed with SD the requirements she needs to attend the school of her choice.  The requirements are not outrageous and she isn't asking to attend an ivy its attainable.  

Alas. ...4 weeks into the sophmore  year SD is already missing work and currently is sporting a very low C average. Ah..but she is all about going out with her friends etc.  SD just sent a message to her father in response to said missing work....My grades r just fne whre they r.  I'm good.  (spelling or lack there of is all SD).    Currently her grades are so low that she couldn't even go to community college.  But ok...they are fine.  (This sounds just like something Beaver would there you go).

Okey Dokey there there SD.  DH has already told SD no B driving. SD could get her permit in the next month or so..but at this point that will be no from DH.  SD can have Beaver take her for her permit/driving lessons/license.....BAAWHWWHAHAHAHAHAHA...THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN.  It requires Beaver to do something and it all costs money.   

I'm just watching this freight train roll down the tracks....and staying out of the way for collateral damage.

I give it 3 months before SD nopes out of our house for Beaver's.....right about the time DH tells her no a permit/license and no car.


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I always marvel at these BM's that create a permanent umbilical cord to themselves so that their children can never leave.  I will miss my kids when they leave and move on, but at the same time I will be so proud of them knowing they are going off and living their life to the fullest with the knowledge and confidence that DH and I have imparted to them.  

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For SD getting C and D. In college.  Hope she in putting the same effort in working as going out with her friends 

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Is she related to Aniki's BioHo? That texting ...  

Anyone can get into community college! Even my SS, with the same mommy-taught lack of work ethic went for a year. Now, passing - that's another thing entirely. 

Yep, she can join the club with my SS who wants to step into a mid-career job with good pay and limited hours. If he can't do that, then he will just do nothing. 

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Surprisingly our community college has standards.  If you don't meet the minimum requirements you have to take placement tests and do remedial class that you pay for but don't count toward your degree. 

So yea..while she may get "in" per say ...she won't be taking any college level courses..just remedial.


This the kid that wants to be a psychologist....

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Oh, that's the same here. SS had to take remedial English and failed it at least once.  Maybe Math too? Not sure. But he definitely was taking the basics. 

I too do not understand why these mothers seem to want their kids to fail at life. 

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and I firmly believe they do it to keep control over their kids.  

Beaver will have both of her kids living with her forever....if she doesn't keep them at home she would be alone.  Beaver cannot tolerate being alone and there are no suckers..I mean her door, so her kids are it.

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With enmeshed Girhippo telling skids they will be rich and famous despite truancy and horrific grades.  Two oldest have low end gig/retail jobs.  NOT rock stars, thesbians, forensic scientists in criminology.

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Our BM celebrates and takes SD out for dinners when she gets C's. For SS it's when he doesn't get F's. The thing is, they are not dumb, and they don't have disabilities, they just do not try at all. SD has figured out every shortcut she can take to do the bare minimum to get those C's. And BM celebrates it.