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Asking 1000000 times

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DH- "I got you some breakfast sandwiches. They're in the freezer if you want one."

SS- (full sprint to the freezer. opens the door. looks but can't find them).

DH- (jumps up to assist him, digs out the box). 

SS- (looks at the box and says, "those don't have sausage. They have ham and I don't eat ham", then proceeds to sit on the couch and say nothing looking completely dejected). 

DH- "I went to the store and they didn't have the sausage ones. I got you the ham ones because that's what they had. We also have toaster strudles, muffins, cereal,  etc. etc. etc." (the list goes on and on). 

SS- sits on the couch and doesn't say a word.  

CLEARLY DH is a failure. Its sad watching DH fall all over himself to please this kid and then personalize it when SS acts like an entitled s***. Its pathetic to watch.

I said nothing and just left for work... how can I get (or is it even possible for me to get) DH to see that his son is acting entitled and not blame himself for his son's lack of regard for DH's efforts? More importantly- how can I get DH to get off of SS's ass? It feels pathetic... 


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It will be hard for DH to see ANYTHING if his lips are firmly planted on SS's ass. Tell DH to come up for air LOL

Seriouly this lil prick will grow up to be a big one as long as DH continues to grovel and cater.

Other than keep doing what you are doing, ignore and vent away I aint got good words for you. Often when the SM says anything DH's get defensive and angry at the SM. 

Does any other family see this pathetic display of catering? Or a friend?

IDK what can be done. Sometimes this sickness just doesnt go away. Mind you there are some success stories on here that may have good advice.

Good luck


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Experience is the best teacher.  Stay away from the drama and let DH deal with it.  Just sit back and watch the show.  

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Does SS's dislike of ham extend to bacon? Somebody needs to let SS know that sausage and ham are both pork.

That would be the last breakfast sandwich I'd buy. The store would permanently be out of the sausage ones when I shopped.

Good job of leaving without comment.


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My SD does this, it's something she learned from BM. After I pointed it out he understood that no matter what he does BM would have a problem with it so he should just do whatever. 

However when it comes to SD he still trips over himself to please her. It's almost like she enjoys telling him that she hates something or isn't into it anymore. She likes eggos so in anticipation of her next visit get get eggos. She tells us "I don't even watch stranger things anymore" wait what, you only liked eating eggos because of a tv show??

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I would have heated up one of the sandwiches, sat down at the kitchen table, and GUSH about how delicious they are. Then thank DH for getting them Biggrin

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how can I get

You cannot. Don't waste your breath. 

SS will be a little martyr, sulk, and eat nothing. Or eat when he gets hungry. Either way, it's your DH's problem. Ignore, ignore, ignore.

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Get rid of all those yummy unhealthy breakfast foods and SS can eat plain oatmeal or fruit and yogurt if he's hungry.

Ha, I know your DH won't do that. He'll probably start taking him out to fast food breakfast. 

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YSD and OSD were both like this. Only ate very specific things. YSD has cut out a bunch of stuff the past year too. Only eats eggs ONE way. Only eats ONE cereal (although they are out of it sometimes and she's had to eat another kind; which she did). Won't eat any bread but ONE kind (not even home-made) and only toasted. Only eats 2-3 kinds of fruit. It's maddening. So I just noped out of it and DH has to deal.