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Is this behavior normal for a 15 year old boy?

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My partner's 15 year old has a volatile personality. This doesn't surprise me as I have a teenager myself but their interactions tend to be very extreme, polar opposites. They get into screaming matches one day and soon after are snuggling on the couch. Is it "normal" for teenage boys to be draped over their dads while watching television? If I am cuddling with my partner on the couch, the boy will also cuddles his dad from the other side. And if I move a few inches away, he will drape his arms over his dad, across his body... the way a lover would. My only point of reference is my own teenager who stopped snuggling around age 11 which I felt was appropriate behavior at that age as they go through puberty. I'm not suggesting any inappropriate behavior but wondering if this is emotionally stunted behavior for a teenager. The teen doesn't have a social circle, close friends, or a love interest if that is relevant. 

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I don't think it's normal for a 15 year old, but I also don't think it's normal for his dad to allow it.

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I think you know the answer to this, but maybe your DH is trying to gaslight you and make you doubt your own opinion. Hell no, that's not normal. That sounds like one hell of a toxic bipolar (as in opposite extremes not the disorder) father-son relationship. Ew. 

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Seems odd to me, as is the "love/hate" relationship they have - you can't blame that all on the kid. Also, why is a 15-year-old boy competing with you for his father's attention? It all sounds pretty unhealthy.

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Before you came on the scene, was he raising his son single-handed? Where's the BM and what's she like?

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its certainly wierd ,, i know that exSS14 still tries to hold his dads hand or when sitting on the couch he will have to be touching in someway wether its a leg over his dads lap or just flicking him to get attention .  it would infuriate me !!!!

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No, that is weird. I have kids from 21-13 at home, none of them snuggle still.