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Anxiety Dreams

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Although I am on HRT, which has been a godsend for quality of sleep so far, lately I have been getting those nightmares where you try to accomplish something and you can't even do something simple.  

I believe this is because of Chef's court date coming up.  Also I will be returning to work on Monday after recuperating from rotator cuff surgery due to an idiot plowing into me after running a stop sign (clear roads) back in February ( distracted driving).  My manager assured me that my work is just sitting here waiting for me as nobody covered while I was gone.  Other than the utmost of emergency small tasks.

These last two months I have still been as busy as blazes.  I'm wondering how I ever manage to fit it all in with working 40+ hours at my regular job! 

Chef has been good about grocery shopping and cooking so there's that.

I have been doing Chef's business and second duplex paperwork etc.  It seems the babysitting of companies that I deal with never ends because nobody ever does their job without being prompted anymore.

My dream come true will be that the court will placate the Girhippo and stop CS but I am sure they will not do that.  


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I think your dream brain is trying to work thru all the many open issues in your life.  You are in a transition period.  One time, I read Carolyn Hax when she said, "the 2 things about transitions: 1) they're hard and 2) they'll pass.  

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I will be transitioning to retirement from my regular job November 2022

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You will love retirement.  It's the best.

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I've had a recurring anxiety dream that BM comes to my house and refuses to leave and I can't find DH to tell her to get lost. Fortunately, I don't have this dream often, but every time I do, it sets me in a mood for the entire day.

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With out her fighting to the end.  If she loses CS she may actually have to get a real job. What meant actually getting up and going to work. 

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Cream puff job.  Not sure if you saw my earlier blog but she is trying to get CS stopped for some bizarre reason BEFORE YSS ages out (21 here in NY)