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Golden Uterus Complex

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I apologise in advance to the bio mothers here! But I couldnt pass up posting this!!!

Toxic Troll has many of these qualities. And once time I called her "Golden Uterus". The chit hit the fan.

And she constantly proves the truth of my statement (although admittedly NOT my proudest moment!!!)

For those of us with high conflict BMs that think they are the absolute BEST mothers without lifting a finger to actualy parent. For those with BMS who treat the bio father like an ATM and have taught their children the same...enjoy! There are words that describe these things.

Favorite Quotes:

"Don’t put your current wife/girlfriend in the middle and don’t tolerate your ex or your children disrespecting her. Demand respect for yourself and your loved ones. If your ex and the kids violate these boundaries, find appropriate consequences for their violations."

"Finally, don’t drink the golden uterus’ Kool-Aid. The fact that you once had a relationship with her/share a child does not bind you together for life. Just because she wants this to be the truth doesn’t make it so. Just because your ex has chosen to define herself by a failed relationship and 36 hours in a delivery room doesn’t mean you have to do the same."

"Even after their children are in school full-time, GUs still use the kids and being a mother as an excuse not to work outside the home and often not to work inside the home. “You have no idea how stressful it is being a mom.” Um, the kids are in school all day. What do you do with your time? “You always minimize all the hard work I do. YOU HAVE NO IDEA.” Um, the breakfast dishes are still in the sink when I get home from work in the evening. The laundry is piled up and the kids haven’t done their homework. What did you do all day? “HOW DARE YOU DISRESPECT ME. I’m THE MOTHER OF YOUR CHILDREN!”

"Golden uterus mothers are “feelers.” The golden uterus believes that her emotions are reason enough for any action, no matter how despicable. In fact, the GU’s feelings often trump what’s really in the child’s best interests."


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She did nada and still does nada but thinks she is the BEST MOTHER EVER and was the BEST WIFE EVER...despite doing nothing but sitting on her big beaver ass.

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Probably a photo of her in that article..."see exhibit A"

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This was very informative thank you for sharing Smile Our BM is a very high conflict, toxic, selfish, drug using felon but not exactly a GU from what I read here... so I guess I got that going for me lol ............ 

one very tiny bright side... sorta...

Scratch one-s head

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My favorite quotes:

"If the children, father/husband/ex-husband doesn’t heed her demands, the GU perceives it as abuse."

Yep, BM calls this out and SD has started saying it as well, if you don't do whatever it is that BM or SD wants, they will scream "THAT'S ABUSE!" This was also part of her court case, she tried to say that DH was financially abusive because, while they were separated, DH asked her to stop charging to their joint credit card. Never mind she had her own bank accounts, credit cards, ran her own business and all business accounts were in her name and DH was the only one paying off the joint credit card. So because she couldn't spend his money freely, "THAT'S ABUSE!"

And this one: "Step-mothers are less than non-entities. They are to act as servants to the children during visitation and are less than handmaidens to the golden uterus. Step-mothers/girlfriends are intruders and are treated as such."

Double yep. BM refers to me as "a third party". She does not see me in any way as being part of SD and SS's family. It really came out in the last mediation, but it is a little bit freeing. Since I'm nothing, and not even worth her consideration, I doubt she will ever find me on steptalk!

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To make your BM? 

It also runs in the family.   Battleaxe Galactica (Gir's BM) ticks all those boxes as well.   

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DH often refers to BM as a hippo taking a sh**! That's all she's good at is spreading it everywhere she goes.

For reference, this is how hippos poop:

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"You see, GUs only revere their own uteri and motherhood. They’re dismissive of other mothers and their children; especially if they’re second or third wives. They take pride in the fact that they were the first wives; while ignoring the reality that they were such bad wives that their husbands divorced them."

hubbys exwife played the poor me victim when she's the reason he had to divorce the nasty biatch.

she also had eldest sd who was 23 demand daddy gift skids a home he bought post divorce for sd23, ss20.5 and sd13.5 despite us having a 1 & 2.5 yr old kid with no trust fund or savings started. Hubby is in good employment and a decent hefty salary but on what friggin planet should a man be demanded by batshit crazy exwife and adult skids that he should prioritise their comfort over actual needs of our kids??

my husband actually almost a year later withdrew a large chunk of retirement savings early and transferred it to me to buy a home solely in my name in my ciuntry of birth. Gubm and skids can never touch it even after daddy dies because we are husband and wife.

sucks to be bio mum that your ex husband prioritises his actual wife than your useless uterus. Gubm saw being pregnant an inconvenience and demanded csections because she couldn't be bothered for a natural birth, it was too much pf an inconvenience and she was all kinds of abusive screaming shouting at nurses and drs telling them to cut the baby oht of her (3 times!!). 

it was not a normal experience and its only having kids with me and being married to me that hubby sees how normal we are compared to skids and bio mum

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BM used to fit this bill until she got remarried, now she must be focusing on making her new husband's life miserable. 

She had the gall to say my DH was living a double life by dating me, she was the holy first wife and she expected him to stay single forever and give her money at her every whim, even though she had her next husband lined up before the divorce even started. 

I don't get how BMs think it's right for them to work or work minimal jobs and expect stepdad, stepmom, and biodad to all support the products of her golden uterus. It's like they spend all their time recruiting and guilting people into paying for things. 

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Same here! Their divorced had been finalized for 3 years. However, BM was in total shock and went off the rails when we started dating. She still claims to this day it's because "she just worries about her kid." No, not true. BM still thought she "owned" him and he would stay single forever... because in her mind she was the greatest thing to ever happen to him. Narcisscist. 

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Hubby after a 5+ years of disappearing, ddecided to guilt daddy for marrying me and having 2 kids with me. They expected they could and should treat daddy like a walking atm and he sacrifice any happiness and remain miserable.

Biomum was allowed to marry her affair hubby the monent divorce was finalised. my husband met me like  5.5 yr after divorce was finalised and bio mum had remarried but how dare he marry a white caucasian whore and have 2 kids with her!! 

didn't matter bio mum was the cheating whore here and me and our kids make hubby really happy to come home to, nah he must stay a miserable man for the skids and bio mums enjoyment. Bio mum and skids  even tried to control me and our household, i shut that down within a few months of fonding this site

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A year before they separated and skids know this and even still miniwive sd's have no shame ranting on about bio jum and stepdad like they're great people. Hurting insulting their dad its like they take pleasure in it!!

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YES. This is all BM used to ever talk about. How she should have an award for "birthing his children". Truth is SD was an unplanned pregnancy while they were dating and fully admits it. However, BM would act like she was the chosen one for being the "mother". Funny thing is, when we got pregnant, the whole golden uterus complex FINALLY stopped. Hoping she realized she doesn't get an award for having her legs open. 

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"unplanned" there is something in common with most GUBMs in that they seem to have all these unplanned pregnancies. That's a lie and those pregnancies were all planned unilaterally by her. Lots of guys get the blame here because everyone expects them to be careful but how in the hell can anyone think they have a healthy marriage if you go off BC without telling your partner? And if you're just dating how do people have sex without even talking about this??