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UPDATE: Gir is petitioning the court

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To terminate the order of CS,  BUT Chef still has to appear before the court with his income information and I'm sure the court will not stop the CS order as the HousesHitter is not 21 yet.

It is a virtual court appearance and he has to send in his information beforehand.

  She wrote down that the HousesHitter has graduated and is seeking full-time employment.  I'm sure the CSEU wants to continue their cut of the funding.

I should add that the Girhippo is not on public assistance but is remarried, working at a cushy VA job and well-heeled.



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She should have made a study of the rules!  I hear horror stories in this state of people trying to get kids emancipated even though they are out of the home and earning full-time but yet can't because the cseu likes their SS Title IV cut from the federales.

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So is she worried you guys would find out something (HH moving out) and is cutting herself off for that reason? Seems like a win for you guys though! 

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graduated and is seeking full-time employment.

There has to be somethiing. No one fills a termination like this without an underlying reason.

Is there a 'can only file every so long' rule in NY? Is Gir being preemptive in filing that he is 'seeking employment' knowing they won't stop it until he is employed full time? If a filing can be made only every x years, and it's not granted this time, Gir can collect CS even if SS gets a full time job until the can't file time is up.


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Was in April 2019 which she did not attach although required.  Her description does not match New York state definition of emancipation.  I think this is a not so clever way of finding out more about Chef and his finances.

Perhaps she is afraid that the housesHitter will find out that Chef is paying child support after all although she and her mother have told him that he is not.

She was the one that insisted on using cseu although she was being OVERpaid via direct deposit even without a CO due to Chef being an extreme guilty Daddy.

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*court order was last modified 4/2019

The default law (for support orders made nowadays), unless people opt out of them is that either party to a  child support order may seek to modify it:  every three years; if income changes by 15% or more; or there has otherwise been a substantial change of circumstances.  

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The last time she was in court (4/2019) she refused to show up to court and just sent a note the day before saying that "she doesn't want any more CS from Chef."

This was when SD emancipated just before her 21st bday.  Of course the court thought that was ridiculous and modified the order to only include YSS.

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This sounds like a ploy to get more money out of DH based on any positive income changes he's had for the next 3 years. There is no way that SS getting a job will take CS away from her, that's not how that works.

We are coming up on SD turning 21 next month, we already called the CSEU and they said all DH has to do is call on the day of her bday and that day the order will be terminated and a letter will be sent to his employer.

We cannot friggin WAIT!!!