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OT - Thankful Thursday

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I'm a little short on patience just now. Thank you, King Pita for doing your usual magic: turning what should have been a 15 minute zoom into 64 minutes. 

I am thankful for:

  • Not living Minority Report because the Thought Police would have arrested me a dozen times over for what I'm thinking about that asshat, KP.
  • WFH while it lasts because I did not have to skulk off to some remote area to cuss a blue streak
  • Having my dress for SS21's wedding 4/7 complete. *wacko*
  • The sweet and thoughtful gifts SD25 gave me (and DH)
  • SD25 saying she didn't get to see me enough. She hugged me at least half a dozen times!


What are YOU thankful for today?


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I am thankful that while my stepkids aren't perfect, they love animals and would never hurt them.  The worst YSS has ever done was yell at Little Kitty for stealing his chicken sandwich, which he deserved.    He about choked getting his giant bite down before he lost the sandwich though, the little brat.

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Little Kitty, you silly head!

Same here, Gimmy. My skids are all animal lovers. SD25 has zero interest in any kind of baby unless they're furry and four-legged.

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That cat will steal anything that isn't nailed down.  DH sent me a picture of a sandwich from his brown bag lunch one day.  He clearly wasn't paying attention that morning because there was a distinct, cat-shaped bite out of it, lol.

Also, because he's cute and sweet but not at all very bright, I can't let him outside supervised like I do with Special Kitty.  The last time I did that, Little Kitty ran outside and promptly starting eating clods of dirt.  Not grass like a normal cat.  Just plain old dirt.

He still thinks he's a stray and doesn't have the next meal coming, silly little guy.

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One of my sisters had a cat like that. He WAS a stray who was starving when he found his new Mom (her). He would steal slices of pizza and run under the couch or bed. Even though he was about 6 months old when he found her and he lived for almost 15 years, he never seemed to get over thinking he might not get another meal. Sad

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You have lots to be thankful for. 

I am thankful for being able to live life peacefully. You dont realize how smooth life can go once you rid yourself of toxic. This is the first time in my life I am not walking on egg shells, fixing stupid( more like feeling that was my role in life), and waiting for the next disaster to happen.

I wish this on everyone here. May you survive Fathers Day with all the skid drama. I remember those days all too well. Every dang occassion was clouded in misery. Life doesnt have to be that way.


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Very true, Stepdrama2020! 

I made a point of purging all toxic people from my life. That includes family members. I've been at family functions with them, but limited my contact and refused to react to their BS.

Life does NOT have to be that way! It's all about choices. *give_rose*

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I am thankful it's Thursday and this week is almost over. It's been a long hot (112 and up) week. Which means my happy a$$ is going to be poolside all weekend, sipping on an ice cold adult beverage and enjoying some vitamin D.
ETA: My day just got a whole lot better now that tomorrow is a federal holiday!

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Enjoy your pool time, advice!

I am not looking forward to next week. But I'm thankful those days are a teeny slice of life in the long run. 

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I need to get out of the house so I've booked lunch at a local pub on Saturday (carefully avoiding the hallmark holiday madness on Sunday).  They do excellent french bistro style food.  It will be a nice outing for me and Mr TASM.

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French bistro style sounds tasty!

TASM, I was so excited when the salad bar reopened at the grocery store! Other than that, the lockdown has made me even more unsociable. We met up with friends recently and they want to make it a monthly event. Noooooooo!

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I'm excited to be going out with DH to eat but don't want to socialise other than that.

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I spent too many being a people-pleaser and forcing myself to be extroverted. After so many years of "faking it" (fake it 'til you make it never worked for me in this case), I reached the point where I simply cannot and will not do that any longer. The pandemic meant I no longer had to hunt up excuses for why I'm unable to attend something. I love my friends, but my desire to socialize is damn near non-existent.

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I am thankful for mine and SO's good health and mobility.  I just posted a blog about SO's brother's recent struggles and it reminds me how much I simply take for granted every single day - like being able to move around the house independently.

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Same here, caninelover. My sister, who had one knee replacement last year, effed up her other knee. Good possibility she needs the other knee replaced. She's in a knee brace and using a cane and her mobility has been seriously curtailed.