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SO's history

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Hi Stalkers... I'm sorry it took a while.. but.. here it is..

He got married in his early 20’s.  BM was 8 months pregnant with the twins, when she fell in love with a prisoner and left SO when prisoner was released.  Their relationship was filled with violence and drama which ended when prisoner burned BM’s house to the ground. 

Twins remained living with BM and spent every weekend with SO, who would pick them up and drop them back.

When relationship with prisoner ended, BM begged SO to reconcile for the sake of the twins, so he went back when they were around 2 years old.  He however, could not handle the constant dramas and toxicity from BM and her family – who are a whole other story – and left for good when twins were around 4-5 years old.

He would pick up the twins and drop them home every single weekend for the next 15 years.  BM was more than happy for him to take them then, so she could continue to party and live her life.  SO also took the twins overseas for holidays and it would only always be just the 3 of them. 

Twins were diagnosed with cancer when they were 20 years old, but thankfully, it was curable and they recovered  and are fit and healthy now.  They changed their names from their Mother’s surname to SO’s shortly after that, and the eldest twin, Whiny, moved in with SO while Bossy remained living with BM. 

It has remained this way since then, so for the last 30 years or so, as the twins are now 35.

During this time, SO would go overseas for 6 weeks every year and spend time with a woman he met on holiday there. He was around 45 at that time and they came to a mutual understanding.  He would visit her every year but could not commit as his twins needed him.  She accepted this, and they kept this arrangement for the next 15 years.  Twins were quite happy with this as it meant they still had him for the rest of the year. 

He was still seeing this woman when I met him – and was quite open about talking with us about her.  She then got married to another man – however, she asked SO if they could keep up their relationship shortly after.  SO told her he’d think about it when he went over next – however, by then, he was interested in being with me, so let her know he wasn’t going back. Twins


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But Whiny and Bossy twins - I think that I can imagine what happened with "Entitled Snowflake Squared".

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Sure is.. I'll try break it down - Twin 1 (Whiny) moved in with SO soon after she turned 20 whilst Twin-2 (Bossy) remained with BM.  

BM moved to new place after her house was burned down by prisoner and twins remained with her until 20yrs old.  Twin-2 (Bossy) would spend every weekend at SO's house, so it would pretty much be the 3 of them at SO's house most weekends/holidays. 

Also, during this time, SO was caring for his elderly mother.  When she passed, he took a break and went overseas. Whilst overseas, he met a woman (twins were 20 at the time).   After that, he would go to her country every year and spend 6 weeks with her. This went on for the next 15 years or so.  Twins loved this arrangement as they never had to meet her, and had SO for the remaining year. This arrangement worked perfectly for all of them as SO didn't want a commitment and neither did the woman.  SO was pretty blunt when he told me it was mainly sexual between them.  She also had a family and wasn't willing to have a serious relationship with someone who wasn't willing to move to her country.


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I always hear about women who 'fall in love' with prisoners and wonder how that turns out.  Looks like not too well.

Thats quite a backstory.

Whiny and Bossy ROFL.

Can't wait to read about them!

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So true! LOL! I just shook my head when I heard.. I don't get it either *unknw*

Whiny has got to complain/bitch/whine about everything under the sun.
Bossy is aggressive, pushy, manipulative and loves to control everyone and everything.

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I shudder thinking about Bratty having a twin...thank goodness that isn't the case!

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Honestly! I really had to think about staying involved once the drama started... all was great.. until we started dating.. and at first, I wasn't sure how to deal.. but ya know what.. steptalk bloody saved me.. I put my disengaging hat on and went full force into putting up barriers.. thank God I kept a journal! 

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Whiney still lives with SO at age 35? And Bossy still visits every weekend? Do they have any sort of life outside of the one they share with SO?

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Whiny still lived with SO at age 35.  Bossy still visited every single weekend. I wondered the same thing when I was hanging out with them before we started dating.  They don't seem to have many friends and are pretty tight with BM and her family but love just hanging out with SO.  It's like it became just normal to them all. SO has friends who visit regularly over the years, and they've also become used to it.  Bossy comes over on the weekend and just takes over, organising their lunches etc.  She was also taking food cooked by BM over for them all to have for dinner.

SO just got used to it and never had any reason to think it was "different" until we started dating.  He said he just started spoiling them when they were diagnosed with cancer and just got used to getting them whatever they wanted. 

When we started dating - their reaction was - devastation. That and just outright shock that their Dad would want to be with someone at his age - cue the commencing of the backlash and drama.

SO moved in with me 3 months ago due to their toxic behaviour and vicious attacks on him for daring to have a serious relationshp (more details to come on that, later..)


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Cannot wait for the next installment.

I literally just responded on another blog re twins. I was one, my sis passed away. Let me tell you double trouble does not even cover it.