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SD18 calls DH yesterday and it suddenly turned into a heated argument.  She got livid with DH because he would not drive over to her house (next town over) and mow her lawn for her even though it was almost dark outside. She was going to prom and having a party at her place afterwards. She wanted her house to look nice for it.  DH refused and eventually hung up on her after he told her to stop talking to him like that. 

I felt bad for DH but was happy I could laugh at the situation. I already knew she was going to talk to anyone who would listen about how terrible DH is. I used to get incredibly depressed knowing that she was spreading a bunch of lies about us. Since its such a dumb argument about getting her lawn mowed at night I think its amusing she's going to go complain to people about it and she will do it so well they will actually pity her.

Things are so much different now that she is 18. She moved out before turning 18 and it was still stressful knowing we were responsible for her.

I'd have to say things have been going good. SD moved out and turned 18, SS27 moved out, AND SS23 moved out! SS23 even got a job! I'm very proud of him. He even visits sometimes for an hour or so.

SD had her graduation and I didn't go. She's having a party at her grandpas house next week and I'm not going to that either.

For the first time in I don't know how long I walked through the house without a shirt on. I even got to wear a short night gown to bed the other night.


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Hey, morrgin,

Reading your past blogs made my blood pressure skyrocket! Ten years ago, my DH suffered a heart attack and underwent a triple bypass. My SS phoned me every night, while DH was hospitalized, to enquire as to how I was managing. On three occasions, he drove over two hundred miles, round trip, to cut grass and carry out other necessary odd jobs. 

The very idea of having two, inconsiderate, adult scroungers lazing about while you knocked yourself out, caring for their seriously injured father and your ill, young daughter, is appalling. Sorry for criticizing your DH but the behaviour that he’s allowed from his three selfish, entitled children is beyond the pale. Hon, I can’t help but wonder why you are still there; you are a good person and deserve far better than your ineffective DH and his 'Three ‘Stooges’. GRRRRRRR… Aggressive


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Thank you for your reply. Sometimes it feels like a memory problem or maybe denial. I forget unpleasant things or I remember the event but not much of the emotions that went with it. Maybe I'm too much of an optimist. I strive really hard to seek out the positive things and moments to get myself through. The positives really do outnumber the bad. If they didn't then I wouldn't still be with him.

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Geez! How bloody entitled is she!  Obviously hasn't heard of how to access useful apps for people who will mow/clean gardens at a reasonable price! My adult SD's would do the same damn thing until I came along.  Get SO to mow the lawn, fence the yard for THEIR dogs, fix this, fix that - ugh!  One day they called him to yell about the grass (he'd moved in with me by then) - I directed him to the app where they could put up tasks - including lawn mowing - and people would quote and they could organise it themselves. You'd think at 35, they'd work it out by now ay.. friggin' hell!

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Its probably the most obvious question that makes the most sense. Unfortunately DH and SD have a relationship that doesn't seem to follow the norm and doesn't make much sense.

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I am so glad he hung up on her! I hope you guys can start moving to forward to a peaceful home!

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Wow, just wow! Glad that yourDH hung up when she became really toxic. Itis pretty amusing, seeing things come full circle.

I mean really...grow up.