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She rears her ugly head - OR - The Beast and BabyVoice

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Hello ladies and gents, it's been a minute since I have been around.  Here is an update...

I will preface this by saying that BV has turned into a lovely and caring young woman.  It has been interesting having her back in the house after her first semester at college, and I am very much looking forward to her return in the fall so that I may finally get my empty nest back, but that is really the only reason.

I walked in the house from my office yesterday and DH said "I think BV has been talking to the Beast." 
Me - why do you think that?
DH - I heard her on the phone.
Me - why do you think she was talking to the Beast?
DH  - because when I asked her, she told me.  (men, amirite?)
Me - ah, well okay then.  What happened?

Turns out that the Beast had reached out to BV via Facebook messenger.  BV immediately called ASS, who warned her to just stay away, that all the Beast would do is lie and blame everyone else and never take any responsibility.  Also turns out that the Beast told BV that she has some of her childhood things that she thought BV might like.  

I am sure that you all remember when we in the court battle days that the Judge ordered the Beast to give us all of the childhood memory-type things and she told the Judge that she had thrown them all away.  

Anyway, BV walked down the stairs just a few minutes after DH told me this little nugget of information.  She was on her way to her friend's house.  

Me - hey, heard you had a Beast experience today, how did that go?
BV- it was weird.  ASS was right, she didn't take any responsibility and all she did was blame everyone else.  It was pathetic, really.
Me - oh, sounds like a blast, kiddo.
BV- she is just an old angry woman.
Me - yep.  so, are you going to go see her?
BV- maybe, she says she has some of my childhood things, but I remember reading that email where she said she threw it all away or sold it.  She must think that will lure me back.
Me - will it?
BV - I don't know...I might go see her, but if I do, I am taking BestFriend with me.   ASS said to just ignore her and maybe he's right, I don't know.
Me - well, you need to do what you need to do.  You know what happened, and you know how ASS feels about it. 
BV- what do you think I should do?  Will you guys be mad if I go see her?
Me - Nope, we won't.   We raised you right and you will figure out what is the best thing for you.
BV- okay.  If I do go, I will let you guys know. 
Me - sounds like a plan.

So, that was my Wednesday night, how was yours?   LOL


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Thats what Husband calls Toxic Troll. LOL. Sounds like a fun conversation...glad that things are smoother with BV.

Sd15 Backstabber/Munchkin was nice, stayed in her room all night, came out for dinner. Dinner was mostly quiet. B/M always needs a day for "decompression", plus I figure she thinks Im going to "harass" her and further "damage" her.

When she made the comment "I did pretty well", I went radio silent. My brain was quiet for once ("yeah? What about that D in orchestra and that C in art????????????") 

Im just over and done with her. She will need to step it up if she wants me back again.

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Hey WOB.  Great update.  Sounds like BV is growing up to be a sensible young woman.  Kudos to you and Mr WOB.  How's KK getting on these days?  Maybe even ASS is mellowing as he gets older.

I bet you are counting the hours to get back to being empty nesters.


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KK is doing great, other than he switched majors, which will give him at least one more semester, and probably a year.

I don't speak to ASS at all, but BV, KK and DH do and they all say he has mellowed quite a bit.  Good for him - the world wasn't going to be nice to him as he previously existed, that is for sure.  He has a great coding job and makes more money than he knows what to do with - lol.

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Good news about KK.

Not surprised you don't speak to ASS but nice to hear he might have matured slightly.

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from what DH tells me, he really has.  Which surprises both of us - lol!

Who ever thought that the kid who called us despots would end up calling his dad for advice about something every week.

Time is an amazing thing, sometimes.  

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Nice to hear from you WOB!   That's great that all your skids have become productive people and the Beast is in the rear view mirror due to you and your DH.

My SSs are still POS'.   SD is good to her Mom which the bitch doesn't deserve but SD also is the first to text me Mother's Day or Happy Bday which makes me happy only because its nice to have that easy, non anxiety ridden relationship with at least one of the skids.