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I held my ground like a champ

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Because YSD was texting SO and  I BM took her phone away. SO has been upset he has no way to contact her. The one time he text BM about it she just talked in circles and gaslighted him, as to be expected.

He has been in contact with the counselor and workers and they have updated him on her. But SO became frustrated because they can't do anything to address the issue other than make suggestions.

SO fails to understand that service providers cannot get involved in issues that are considered family court issues when thier are not any specific orders to that effect. So again SO wants everyone to fix his problems for him and he is frustrated that he keeps getting the same message from everyone that this is his issue to handle. 

So SOs next maneuver was try and suck me into helping him by playing the helpless victim routine. NOPE. I didn't even feel the slightest bit sorry for him and the only response he got from me was he has two choices:

1. File a violation on the current custody/visitation order.

2. Do nothing and accept his current situation.

I did call the caseworker and ask for a parent advocate for SO because I realized I am actually tired of even hearing about it and prefer he have someone else to discuss these issues with outside of counseling.

The outcome was SO realized he wasn't getting anywhere with me and that was the last I heard about it. 

On another note we do know why BM decided she suddenly wanted YSD. It's part of BMs plan to get custody of the little one. She needs YSD to walk her to school everyday and watch her after school. She has no one else doesn't want to and is too lazy to fill out the paperwork for free before and after school care.  

I can't wait to hear the outcome of her first court date with exBF who is using SDs behavior and mental health issues an argument for getting custody and is requesting an order be put in place that the little one can't be left alone with either SD. 

BM is going to completely lose her mind, couldn't happen to a more deserving person.

I wish SO had half the cohones exBF does when it comes to fighting for his kids. If he did things may have been a lot different for him and them. 


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Perfect disengagement!  It is his issue, not yours.  I love that you got a parent advocate for him to talk to also.

Respect to you, girl!

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So if BM loses primary custody of her little one (especially if there's an order that LO can't be left with SD) does that mean BM will be shipping YSD back to SO and he'll have to go live with his mom (since YSD would no longer be serving BM's purpose)?  

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No Thier is currently no court order for the little one  I'm curious too what she will do when YSD is of no benefit to her