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Old Codger Vent

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Ordered an iced tea at a local franchise eatery  (not the big 3).  Maybe it was the fact that the kid who was serving me looked an awful lot like Pumpkinhead (OSS 24).   No eye contact and then "what do you want?"  instead of "may I help you?"

Then one of my biggest pet peeves;  asking "is that it?" instead of asking "will that be all?"

He spun around, poured the drink and shoved it into my hand.  No thank you  or you're welcome.   Nothing. Zero social skills or manners.  No wonder why if managers have a choice between hiring Gen Z or seniors,  seniors win out every time!

/rant off


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And generally immature for their age with higher levels of entitlement vs. work ethic.  Though there are always exceptions - I have a youngish employee working for me who is incredibly polite, hardworking and responsible.  That kid will get far in life.

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great parenting.  I have two millennial now adult children and everyone always makes it a point to say how mannerly they are.

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Ugh the other day I was ordering smoothies and after everything I said, the 20-something employee said "anything else?" in a very annoyed tone of voice. I'm always super friendly to people in customer service, so I can't stand when someone responded with rudeness! 

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....or you are the only one in the place and looking at the giant menu board with 3000 things on it, 30 seconds later "Are you ready to order?"  Um, NO, did I say I was?  I usually find this funny so I laugh and say "heck not yet look at that menu board!" which further irritates them.

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I'd rather the waiter or waitress is on the ball than to sit there for half an hour with my kids. We tend to decide quickly. If the restaurant (pre COVID) posts the menu online we choose on our way. Also, restaurants we used to frequent, we have our favorites on the menu.

I tend to be decisive by nature. Not making a decision quickly actually freaks me out.

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We are not referring to the situation but the attitude.

I worked service industry for most of my working life, and a big part of my job still is. Don't take it out on the customer, that's it. Sure we all have bad days but there is a professional line.

As for my example I am single, no kids, in an unfamiliar place, no other customers, and he was rushing me with his impatience. Had nothing to do with prompt and attentive service at your fave place.

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I choose to give retail/service employees a pass. They are often paid a sh1t wage and are worked like dogs. I know, I've been there. I remember how toxic the work environment was and how little I was paid for being a conscientious employee.

Maybe he was having a bad day. I can't imagine being in that industry with Covid running rampant and earning a pittance.

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customer service has for the MOST part been awful. I work in the design industry and deal with manufacturers, reps, retail, etc. daily and have been dealing with many other industries/people in getting everything set up for our move. I would say only about 2 out of 10 people across the board are actually helpful, polite, and what customer service should be. I will agree that usually the older generation workers are more polite plus happy to have a job, but I will say personally I feel that most of the lack of manners/work ethics come from the change in parenting style. I know many many people who hire people and especially younger generations and they all say the same thing about lack of work ethic, respect, and manners.

That being said, everyone is also entitled to a bad day especially working in the food service industry, it sucks, but I would be mortified if SD or any of our future children acted that way. Manners and respect are a huge thing for both DH and I.