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Yeah I don't think SD is coming back

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My MIL finally saw some pictures of SD and sent them to me. All I can say is wow. This is the first time seeing her, heck even seeing a picture in over a year. She is barely recognizable she looks 25! Heavy makeup, revealing clothing, and piercings galore. She will be 14 in a few months and starts high-school in the fall. She is doing a lot of heavy partying in the pictures (huge groups of people, alcohol pictured). SD talked non stop about drinking and partying back when she used to visit and I can see it's only ramped up. My husband confronted BM way back then but she replied "don't tell me how to run my household". She's living the wild life she wants there is no way in hell she is going to come back to our lifestyle. I feel like these pictures confirm it.

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Yeah (I muddled her age in the beginning because I was worried my posts would be found and match her age but she is 13 turning 14). CPS did an investigation regarding the other kids but told us SD is "old enough". Funny thing is school is still unable locate her but CPS is cool with that I guess. CPS tried to speak to BM's family members but they all refused to speak to them. So we got nowhere.

BM is trying to delay the court case until SD is 14. The lawyer said once she hits 14 it's over and we most likely won't see her again unless something bad happens at BM's and she needs to be removed. He also said sadly we won't see or speak to her unless she wants something from us. The pictures don't exactly prove that SD is drinking but we know she is. It's just sad more than anything she is following exactly in her mother's footsteps.

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No they said old enough to report something bad happening to her. They said yes, the school can't find her but she is still turning in her work regularly so they believe is okay. The state I live in is one of the worst for child welfare so this response is not surprising.The other children reported physical abuse by the BM's new husband but SD said she has never been abused by the guys so she is not included in the investigation. The lawyer says we can't prove the drinking based off of pictures. Someone has to physically record her consuming it.

We have a video or SD dancing in the front seat without a seat belt being driven by her cousin who is the same age. We aren't talking on a property in the country it was in rush hour traffic. This was back in 2019 SD was only 12 then! DH took it to mediation and they asked if he talked about his concerns with BM. BM said it was fine because he (a 12 year old) is a good driver. The mediator said the judge will not look at the video because it is considered "parental bashing". How in the heck would that be "parental bashing"?!?!

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Yes, Tox, CPS does. I know this firsthand. The bar is quite low these days. Shocking actually.

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Corgi this is heart breaking. This poor girl is going to suffer so much due to BM and the system being a failure. Hugs and prayers to your family.