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Ohhh is this why BM wanted her fulltime?

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So BM just messaged asking DH or myself to send a brief email that SD lives with her fulltime now so she can get food stamps.

As a reminder, the first thing she said after demanding to have her full time was that she wanted to claim her on taxes.

Maybe get a job BM. And maybe stop being such a cliche by asking for this right after getting a huge tattoo and microblading eyebrows and bleaching your dark hair blond.


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Sounds about right. 

You see, food stamps is a fraction of "single mom awards". . IF she qualifies for F.S., she may qualify for housing vouchers, welfare, electric bill assistance, day care / after school/summer camp vouchers. And a generous GENEROUS tax return plus these stimulus deposits. Dont forget child support.

Hey she was honest with ya.

Ours plays a very different I wont get into.



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I think there is a time and place when all of those things are okay. I used most of them temporarily as a young ACTUALLY single mom with an infant to finish school and get a good job 

A mom who has 1 kid in school full time AND had a dad who was willing to have her half time? No. She cleans houses and there was a story on the TV literally last night about how cleaning businesses in our area can't find help because people keep scheduling interviews and not showing up so they can stay on unemployment. The income limit is about 22k to get food stamps and when she is cleaning for the few clients she has now - for cash - it's 30/hr. Even if she worked for one of the places hiring for the 6 hours a day that SD is in school she would be over the limit for food stamps. She's not even trying, and we're not about to help her out when she's tried to screw us repeatedly. I'm shocked she even thinks we would.


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If she gets public assistance she probably will have to give the Child Support to the state. 

But if your DH won't fight for some custody time there isn't much else to be done. 

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Iirc, the child support thing is only if you are getting cash assistance. Regardless, DH isn't going to put anything in writing unless she wants to actually get something set up legally. We were both expecting after a couple months she'd be sending her back, tbh.

Idk, we'll see what happens. If she files for support I guess we'll just have to rebudget

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  • I dont think she can get cash assistance without working some....I know I was able to get it for a year when I had a newborn but only because ODS was an infant. And the amount is so low that working basically cancels it out anyway. Oh and her state the dad has to actually be dead or absent with rights taken away.

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Yeah, I'm sure it's different in every state. Here you can for sure get it without working but the CS will go to the state. 

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Ahhh yes. This makes me recall one of the earliest memories I have of ET.

She was living with her mom, not working, etc. DH and I went to a Boy Scout function and she immediately started in that DH owed $80 to the scouts or the boys couldn't get their badges, new neckerchief, etc. At the time, $80 was not something DH just had in his pocket.

Not even 5 minutes later, ET lifted up her shirt and showed off her new belly button piercing. Mind you, she's wearing a DEN MOM SHIRT and we are in a SCHOOL CAFETERIA in front of her sons and alllllll the other kids and their families.

No money for the scout stuff, but money for that GD piercing. She hasn't grown up from that, and it has been a decade.

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So what happens to these kids when they are no longer mommy's little paycheck?

I ask this a lot about SD and SS. DH says he doesn't know and that's why he wants to leave the door open.

For where we live, I've looked up the government assistance BM could be getting. With her menial salary (less than $38k per year to qualify for full welfare benefits including the CS she gets from DH and xSucker#2), she will be making $70-$75k per year tax free.

So what happens to these kids when they graduate HS and there is no more CS and the family welfare benefits dry up? BM will be 12+ years from 65. At least 1 more knock up to get her the sit on her @ss money until then?:

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BM will only be 40 when SD turns 18. And as of right now she has nothing to her name. I dont feel the least bit sorry for her because she gets by by manipulating people and honest work only when absolutely necessary. I hope they turn her down for the food stamps, but either way her life sucks so whatever.

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I think my DH and your SH were married to the same woman. I mean she has been married a bunch of times so it's possible. BM needs job!