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Is your SO different when their kids are visiting?

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He's like a different person half the time his kids are here.  Grumpy, irritable.  He says he also goes in sad mode.  Nitpicks and micromanaging.  Sometimes the main reason I don't like his kids here are because of how he is when they're here.  


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No. I'm sure I am different though when his kids are here. And I'm sure it bugs my DH. 


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Omg!!  Your post just summed up my entire life! Which was the reason for my blog earlier today. I think I get so stressed about the little things( like my SD coming early and/or staying later) because I just hate so much the dynamics between DH and I when she is here.

He is SOOO DIFFERENT!! Cold, moody, snippy anxious - I could go on and on. And of course I end up being different too so we become like oil and vinegar. 

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Yes. Or at least he used to be. He'd start to turn into MIL *shudder* 

He seems much happier with her here less honestly. She's stressful for everyone I think.

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Yes! My DH is more irritable, more spacey, more snappy, and less reliable when skids are around. It drives me nuts.

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Yes mine is a completely different man when sd21 visits. Arrogant, loud, bouncing around, showing off, talks himself up. Different body language too; makes himself appear bigger, sits with his legs wide apart. It's so weird and annoying, both me and two DDs find it very strange and annoying.

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No. Mine is the same regardless who is around.

I have an ex who was very different when exSDs were around. Well that's one of the reasons I never married him and eventually left, that's why he is an ex. I did stay too long but eventually I had enough. If my DH was grumpy, cold and moody towards me when skids come around, he'd be an ex too. That's a no no. Don't tolerate crap like this