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What will this skid weekend bring?

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2 days until this months skid weekend. What I hate the most about it at this point: the anxiety of not knowing what drama it will bring. No matter how much I try to ignore it or give myself pep talks, it's always still there. Which version of SD is going to show up? Is BM going to be preoccupied with something outside of us and leave us alone or be making every pathetic attempt to draw us into being part of her miserable existence? 

Now that the school counselor is (seemingly) cleared up, I'm not actually as worried about what BM tries to pull, she clearly isn't smart enough to actually accomplish anything. I know she's still angry that DH isn't begging and groveling to have SD back fulltime. And as far as I know she has no dating prospects or much going on in her life so I'm guessing she is planning something, but it'll probably be lame like not sending SDs school supplies with for Monday. Guess we'll see.


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Sometimes the worst part of all of it is the anxiety. There are times when the dysfunction is actually a relief because I can stop anticipating. I wish I had advice for how to cope better but I think that's why so many of us are always telling people to run. We end up in these emotional hostage situations in our own home. 

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That's the worst thing is that it's in my own home. Which I should have control over and safety in. I've been in a DV situation before and in some ways it feels very much the same - the trapped, smothering feeling.

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I can 100% relate to the anxiety. Hang in there. I know there's nothing that can be said that can calm you down. Lately I've been keeping busy during pick up and drop off time so that DH already handles any drama associated with that. 

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Don't let her control your home.  Don't let her control you.  Let her play by herself.  Try to stay away from her.  Don't do anything she wants.  Let her father take care of her.