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Feeling like a visitor in my own home

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It's been 3yrs the step son doesn't want to know his dad as he didn't ask him before meeting another woman. Daughter!! Tried every trick in book to get daddy's attention after her mum died long illness, again daddy didn't consult her as to who he was going out with. Game on Hyperventilating, skin rash, tears, tantrums, food allergies, diet changes, boys sleeping over, partying in our absence, drinking, smoking, dressing like a tramp, feeble attempt at suicide, so pissed when it was dads new woman who found her.I did the dutiful thing and took her to hospital and had her stomach pumped... But daddy stayed over night... we split on 2 occasions I could see his loyalty was divided. On the 3rd and final get back together as I'm at my whits end, daughter 19 is pregnant to new boyfriend oh she needs daddy's help and support. Emotional visits up to birth I did the honourable thing and showed compassion she stayed a week boyfriend didn't accompany her she said they were tiffing , had her rest dad and I took baby she rested on laptop and cell phone, decided breastfeeding was just too much it interferes with too much social networking!! She left I felt used, does not speak to me speaks to daddy doesn't text she text daddy, always a sob story, am I being selfish if this is my partner's home and I live with him am I wrong to say I don't want her coming here if I'm only to step aside and be ignored ???  It's my home to and would not tolerate my sons treating any one with ignorance.

sorry if it's a bit petty but I'm at the point of saying I'm out of here 

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I am of the mindset that if a couple keeps breaking up over the same thing and getting back together, yet, nothing changes, it's time to cut ones losses and move on.

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Definition of insanity - doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.



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Well we walked our usual walk where we usually thrash out concerns in life. I took the time to voice my worries. The usual response at first ' I just don't know, it's just how she is, she was spoilt as a child" I reminded him that since the baby has arrived and she has gone back to boyfriend, we don't get even a picture of the baby, oh my mistake he said he had received one but couldn't understand why she had put add ins over it like bunny ears and stars, he couldn't make her face out, he added he had sent her $200 for late Xmas and Easter. Omg I thought she's using the baby as a bargaining chip. I didn't say that I thought it though, he said "well if I say to her it would be better for her and I to meet at her house rather than here, she will get upset !!! "And I just feel like piggy in the middle all the time". I thought you don't realise she is not going to bring your grandchild to visit you my love, not while I'm here.

what do I do !! Stay quiet and let him find out for himself  !! And it seems to me his loyalty is split between me and her and her drama plus one. Is it worth walking away from what I thought was us for the sake of a manipulative spoilt b.