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What should I do?

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Okay so tball and coach pitch are starting. Both SS and SD‘s team are having parent shirts made. My DH will not be at tne games because of work so he is not getting one. SS will be in tball and SD will be in coach pitch. I was wanting to get a picture of us standing side by side showing the back of our shirts, but both will be at BMs house before game so I won’t have time to take any before. We all coparent great but I don’t want to get over the top taking that pic and posting it without BM taking some sort of pic with her kids first if that makes sense. Should I just take a pic of me with my shirt(s) and leave it at that? SD doesn't even want to play but her parents already paid for it so she has to play. I feel like since she doesn't want to play she won't want a picture. It was BM and SD's decision at first to play so I feel like if I take a pic with her then it would be offensive towards her since it was mainly BM who had the decision in the first place. I feel like I would make it about me I guess? 


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As a long time softball parent- Don't worry about the shirts!

If you want to get a shirt to match whatever college or pro team they are named for- go for it. Or maybe just the hat of that team. Don't make it this big ordeal. It isn't worth any of this stress. 

The best way you can help your skids is to learn to keep the book. Volunteer to do snacks most games (keep back up snacks and water in your car for the team). Help the coaches with practice. 

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This is the third time you've posted the exact same blog in two days and have received similar responses in the last two blogs. Likely, you're not going to get a different response.

You're an adult. You have to weigh the risk versus the reward. We've provided you with the probable pitfalls and what we'd personally do. There is no magically answer that will pop up on how you can do this sans consequences. Every action we take has an effect, and only you know your situation well enough to know whether the effect is worth the action.

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What's the big deal about taking/posting a picture? I'd wear the shirt and take a picture with the skids after the games if the opportunity presented itself. If not, I'd forget about it. In the scheme of things, does that picture really matter?