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Social media problem

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Every time I go to an event with my step kids and husband, I feel like I have to take a picture with them and post it to social media. I feel like I take the pictures only to post on social media. How can I stop thinking this way and enjoy the moment? We are going to the beach in the summer though and I do want a picture of us there. Do y'all dress up if going to the beach and take pics or do you just take them in the moment without it planned?


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Why are you so concerned about having pictures on social media?

Only time I dress up for photos is if I am having a professional take them. Candid photos while on vacation are just that - candid.

Honest advice: if social media has you to the point that you can't enjoy the moment because you feel you HAVE to take a photo, then get rid of social media. It is NOT worth this level of anxiety over photos.

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Wow. Lt Dad's honest advice is spot on. Get rid of social media. You should not be stressing about what photos you post. Social media is for FUN and ENJOYMENT and it's too trivial a thing to stress over. So get rid of it or take a long break.

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Yep. Get rid of your social media. Sounds like you have an unhealthy relationship with it, as many, many do. 

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If we don't document in photographic evidence , it's been our experience the kids don't remeber. Without being local we need all the help we can get. I feel your pain because I know I'm doing it for that reason and missing out of the moment. Even if not for social media still misses the enjoyment. 
Last night DH read some weekly journal entries from SS. Every single memory is of the CP and that side of family. 

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Do you seriously think your friends on social media give a rip about the kids tball game or other things that they do? So many of the younger generation are putting their whole life on social media, then complain that they only got so many "likes" or responses. Photos of your life is not about getting "Likes" or any response on social media, it's about remembering things you did in the past. Some memories not to repeat, some to enjoy. To me social media is a pedophiles and criminals wet dream, people blast out there that they can't wait to go on vacation on a specific date or they gush about how great their kid does at tball every Saturday. You may have all your social media very secure, but what about your friends, that anyone can see what is on theirs? Stop being addicted to the social media.

I only use for Fakebook for a couple of local closed groups in my area, for issues that are happening that can effect us. Otherwise, it's a waste of time and energy. The so-called news feeds on any social media is only giving you one side of the story. Many times I have seen news crap on Fakebook that happened in my area that is no far from the truth, twisted to the point that the person that is innocent appears to be the criminal. Besides all this, Fakebook has a lot of censorship, and a huge political bias.

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Why the need to post every event/visit on social media? Is it the social media or is it that you want others seeing the photos? If you are wanting to document your life, then do it in a photo album or a digital album on your computer. 

While I have a Facebook page, it is very NON-personal. My dogs and my quilts mostly. And I don't rely on it at all for the "memories." It's now mainly a tool to network with my quilting and dog rescue work. Most of my groups of friends have migrated over to text groups. 


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This will sound harsh and I don't intend it to be, but I have to ask if you are currently in therapy? I ask because every single one of your posts is just dripping with insecurity and second-guessing yourself. It seems like you don't trust your own instincts at all, which could be an indication of a lot of things, but trauma and anxiety come to mind.

I've been there myself and it is exhausting to feel like you never know what choice to make, even in the smallest matters. I cannot tell you how freeing and empowering it was to work with a therapist who taught me to trust myself again. I really, really think you would benefit from it and would be surprised to find how much more peaceful your life will be when you aren't constantly agonizing over your decisions.