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More contempt

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I love when BM rats herself out on contempt. She messaged SO asking if he would cover half of youngest glasses for the year. Of course. I mean he’s court ordered to do so and glasses are perfectly reasonable. He responded “send me the information”. She claims she spent over 200 WITH insurance on ONE pair of glasses for a 2nd grader who has a bad habit of losing and breaking his glasses. You know damn well we aren’t paying anything without a receipt and that the same time she won’t send one because then we find out who the kids eye doctor is and can find out why she’s spending so much children’s glasses.

We can also find out his exact prescription and counter act this insane spending by buying glasses online for far less then she spends.

Told SO if he’d gotten his sh*t together with the VA we’d have the money for a lawyer and could easily show how she repeatedly violates the custody agreement and sets him up. I love reading post from stepdad calling SO a deadbeat for not doing things for his kids like not paying for glasses or insurance when BM refuses to send us receipts.

I mean we move closer so SO can be more engaged and invovled with his kids after BM complains how much she's struggling and now we can show how she is still activetly working against him. Ignoring his efforts to assist her and delibertly seting up conflict between him and Step Dad who then post on facebook where the oldest can see.


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Is she violating the agreement though? BM here once spent a crazy amount on glasses for SS and didn't use the insurance she had for him, so DH refused to pay.  Court ordered him to pay anyway, since the glasses had been bought and needed to be paid for. Next time she did use the insurance, so DH's share was only about $15, so that was good (she pays the first $250 and they split whatever is left after that). 

Anyway, court might tell him he has to pay anyway, since the cost of glasses probably isn't in the CO. Or is the refusal to give a receipt that's contempt?

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The violation isn't in the price of the glasses. He has joint legal and they are court ordered to share information about medical. She made this appointment and didn't share it with him. She refuses to tell him who the child's eye doctor is.

He is court ordered to pay half of mandatory medical expenses. The kid NEEDS glasses. He doesn't need designer frames that cost 200+ AFTER insurance. She knows if he finds out who the eye doctor is we can get the prescription and buy glasses ourselves out of pocket for a max of 100 which meets the requirement of him providing for the childs medical needs.

Shes done this repeatedly. Back during the divorce she tried to demand he pay 600 to her for a dental procedure that when he checked into was completely unethical to do on a child of that age. She fails to show any receipts and refuses to disclose who the childrens doctors are. When we find out we have to take the court papers so he can get access to medical records and find out about appointments.

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Your husband is doing the right thing by not paying until he sees a valid receipt and EOB for the glasses.

He should contact BM once and explain that he is happy to help if she provides the necessary documents and that her husband needs to not speak about him in a derogatory manner where the children can see or hear it.  Stepdad must be one of those super immature FB drama lovers to be posting these things online, good lord.

If stepdad won't stop, try contacting a lawyer to issue a cease and desist letter or something of that nature.

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Thats what he did. She wanted him to pay half on her word alone. She won't send the receipt as court ordered so he won't pay. 

We are trying to see a lawyer but can't even afford the retainer. We are fighting VA for his disability benefits.

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Is it possible to find a lawyer that could just write the letter and charge you for the time rather than an entire retainer fee? 

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Not around here. Plus with her if she got any sort of warning she's flip it would cause even bigger problems like her withholding the kids and cops will not enforce visitation.

Shes already attempted to make false CPS reports and tried to get a doctor to claim SO abuses the kids.

We HAVE to go to court. We just HAVE to finish the VA case first to have the funds.

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Honestly no clue. Its a fight to get anywhere. We continue to make progress but still can't get what we need. We are working with a VSO and have gotten statements from some of his battle buddies as well as the wife of one of the other men invovled in the explosion that hurt SO. We still can't get any medical records and covid doesn't help because everyone's bare bones when it comes to staff.

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This is where dad's get the shaft all the time. The kids can go to walmart and get a full set of glasses for like $89 without insurance. With insurance it can be like $20  or less. Butttt nooooo, they have to get these crazy $500 glasses that they just lose and break and dad has no say