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First weekend since SDs schedule has changed

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So its coming up on the first weekend that SD will be here since BM flipped her shit and said SD can only come to our house once a month. 

First of all, I'm somewhat anxious because I don't know what her attitude is going to be like, or DHs. I hope he isn't trying to suck up to her. He's planning on just confirming with her that living at BMs is what she said she wants and who knows how she will respond to that as well. 



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So many of our BMs and SKs adore drama.  I think I'd try to keep things as normal and low-key as possible.  Good luck and let us know how it goes 

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I agree. I would just pretend like it's all hunky dory and not bat an eyelash. They are both hoping that the two of you were heartbroken not to see her more often. If no one seems upset, they'll both be scratching their heads.


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I agree with both of you. And she's still gonna do her daily chore that she's spent so much time whining and crying about. 

I'm assuming they're both expecting to get their way now all the time. Not happening. I'm not positive, but I think DH might actually be angry at SD and not just sad. He hasnt said much so I'm not sure though.