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I'm running away from the issues again

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I can't face Christmas with my SD so I'm going to my parent's place instead even though it is my son's first Christmas and it means his father will not get to spend it with him. Equally we will not get to spend Christmas together either. He is spending Christmas with my SS and SD this year. My parents are upset about the whole situation and I don't know how much longer I can go on like this. My SD arrives tomorrow and I'm dreading seeing her. I know I'll have to put on an act but I'm tired as I'm caring for my baby and I don't feel like it. After her bad behaviour in the past, at times, I feel as if I never want to see her again. Once more, she is ruining Christmas and I can't wait to escape to mum and dad's house. I feel that if I discuss any of this with my fiance, he will end things between us but why should I have to tolerate this situation for the rest of my life? Another entirely negative post about how tedious it is to be a step mother... 

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Why do you say you can't discuss any of this with your fiance because he will end things between you?  Surely we ought to be able to talk about our feelings to our partners?  If you really feel you can't talk to him then maybe you should postpone any marriage plans for the time being.  

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I'm worried that he will end things if I tell him how I really feel about the situation. I've tried to talk to him in the past and he just shuts me down. I agree that we can't get married like this with so many issues between us.