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Mrsa update

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It’s not even Mrsa. The infectious disease doctors said it’s normal numbers. So I’m waiting for a mammogram and then once that ugly c word is ruled out (praying) an endocrinologist. Which I’ve suspected Cushing for awhile so praying it’s that and I’m healed soon. And I’m missing my step daughter and feeling sad. Husband said no more reaching out and to just save everything we’d like to give her in a box or something for when she’s 18 but I’m scared she won’t come around as an adult because of her mom. Do you guys have any experiences with alienated yet spoiled kids coming around? She’s got a long hard road ahead of her to being a mature adult person but I still miss her and wish could co parent. My husband always says if he could talk to his ex she wouldn’t be his ex so I guess. Just lots of stress in my life right now. 


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That's a relief!  Hoping for your best outcome!

Your husband sounds like he has a realistic attitude toward the SD.  My SKs weren't alienated enough to stay away from us but I find that the adult SKs do move away emotionally, normal with their own families, unless they are unnaturally dependent like our SD59.