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UPDATE 3 - GWR, SD and B*r...what will B*r guess is NADA and do I tell DH

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Dh didn't even get a chance to call the school when the principal called him this morning at 8:15 a.m.  DH and the principal are on first name basis since they have been dealing with the GWR for a few years now.  The assistant Principal is brand new this year and was not aware of GWR's past shenannigans.

When the principal got in this morning and talked with the AP he he realized the error that the AP made.  Seems that when they talked to Beaver and asked if DH should be called, she replied that no she would tell her husband about the incident.  ****Record Scratch****

WHAT??  The principal said he promtly informed the AP that DH and Beaver were long divorced and that at any time with GWR and/or SD are involved they are to call DH first.  DH is the school placement parent and that DH has a long history of making sure Beaver was included and that Beaver does not have the same history.

The AP apologized and admitted to not reading GWR's file very carefully.  The principal then said..let me guess Beaver didn't inform you of any of this did she? it all from SD yesterday.  Beaver also declined to talk to SD yesterday when the school had her on the phone.  Beaver just wanted to talke to GWR.  The AP told DH she was surprised by that.  DH explained that GWR is Beaver's golden child and SD is usually an after thought so he wasn't suprised.

The AP then went through yesterdays events, etc.  Not much different from SD's account but they did include that GWR changed his story no less than three times and Beaver was upset that GWR was in trouble...after all he didn't send the texts and it was just a "joke". The school resource officer explained to her that this time GWR would be receiving a three day out of school suspension with no make up work and would be attending a bullying class once a week for the next 6 weeks.  If this occurs again and GWR is invovled he will be charged with a sex crime and escorted to the county jail.  He is 18 and NOT a minor.  

The other boys involved got to sister school in our city and they were dealt with by that school.  The principal could not say what the punishment was, but that i most certainly included suspension and may have criminal charges involved. 

Now we wait because SD will get sh*t on at Beavers on how dare she get GWR in trouble.  It will be her fault because she told someone and now poor widdle itty bitty GWR is in trouble.  SD goes back to Beaver's today.  Oh joy.

DH did let it slip that GWR hasn't been living at our house in over a year.  The principal was interested in that since he knows Beaver lives out of district in the ghetto.  Technically GWR shouldn't be able to go to our district since he is not physically present in the district. 

DH was upset that GWR didn't get more punishment.  I told but he got something and its more about someone believing SD that GWR is a douche bag and not just dismissing her.  That she knows someone thought enough to make a report and make her important.  Had it not been reported GWR would have gotten no punishment at all, since there was no way Beaver would punish poor widdle diddums GWR.



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Shouldn't GWR be out of high school by now?  CS will end at 19 either way, correct? 

I didn't think I could despise Beaver any more than I did after reading about her animal abuse, but she's managed it.  What a terrible excuse for a mother.  This is how you get men who don't respect women, who don't respect boundaries, and who end up being loser partners and dads.  Congrats, Beaver!

It's really too bad there weren't more consequences for him, but glad there were at least a few and more importantly, SD was HEARD.

I'm hoping that SD will get enough out of your household to break the cycle. 

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He turns 19 in March.  He should be out of high school but Beaver held him back a year.....because the divorce back then was so tramatic for him.  ***rolled my eyes so far back on that one I saw China****  GWR's part of Beavers cash flow will dry up.  Then the question will be....will she allow GWR to remain a basement dweller at her house or will she kick him out since he will be a liability and not an asset.  Time will tell...

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is the Girhippo's clone!!!!

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She is going to be a the tender mercies of Beaver and GWR.  Is there anyway to protect her?

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and tell her we are always available to her and that she is welcome here anytime.  Other than that, DH will call her and check in.  However, not much else we can do.

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It wasn't meant as a critisism.  More of a retorical question.

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I bet there will be more to come if this. And I would keep SD this weekend if you can. Give that girl a break from the toxicity over there.  

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GWR is absent from school this morning...he isn't feeling well.  Riiiiiiggggggghhhhhhhtttttt......the principal called to let DH know that gem.  Even the principal said he wasn't shocked that GWR wasn't at school today.

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I wish the school would kick GWR out for not living in the district and he would have to go to a different school. 
I am impressed with how the school handled everything, but I would have charged him with the sexual harassment of a minor just to prove more of a point.  

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As a human and as a parent. I would keep SD this weekend at yout house.  Once GWR CS is over he will be looking for a place to live.  It better not be your house 

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Around here, they take people lying about their address to go to school in another district very seriously. Hope they do there.

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so that perhaps they will remove GWR from our school.  Honestly, the kid is failing just about every class, including PE.  I think the school would be happy to be rid of him and make him someone elses problem and not have him on the numbers for grad rates, etc.


Plus..then SD can go to school in peace this year.  

CPS will not be involved at this point.  

Unfortunately we cannot just keep SD here as much as we would like to.  

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He should just go to night school and get his GED at this point. Are you guys back to school full time or hybrid? 

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is a clone of the HousesHitter (YSSstb18)


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Honestly I just feel awful for SD in all this :(  Harrassment is hard enough, not having support form your own mother in it all is even harder... 

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When it is a safety issue you sure can consider keeping sd at your place. Something to think about ok?

Sorry about all this. What a big, ugly mess

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Was based on sexual harrassment and its affect on both boys and girls in high school. 

Glad that SD seems to have a healthy outlook. And glad that you report that Jerk.

We also have a longstanding understanding with Munchkin SD14 that if things get too "hot", at her mothers we will pick her up no problem.

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Thinking back, we had a similar issue with OSS and OSD fighting but this was physical in nature and he threw his sister down on the floor.  DH went and got her and ended up in ER for documentation.  I insisted we keep SD for a few days and BM didn't fight it. She wanted  to keep her then golden child out of trouble.  DH actually has leverage to keep SD home if he wants to , to keep this incident more private and from the sounds of it , your BM is concerned about image management.  Who's is up for debate:   BM's or GWR.  SD is 14 and more than capable of voicing her opinion about not wanting to go over.   Having been let down by my own parents, it feels really good to know one parent at least has your back.  Can DH give that to his daughter????