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Getting rid of SDs toys

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I am cleaning out our spare bedroom (SD's room, sorta) in preparation to fix it up as a nursery for my second baby. For those of you keeping track I won that fight! my husband was resistant to giving this room to our second baby because I suspected he wanted to keep it available for SD when she graduates high school in 6 years. 

Anyway we used to get her toys but stopped because she would never take them with her to her mom's house. She would always take clothes and shoes home but leave toys here. There are some things that are brand new in the box and never opened. Some of these toys are calico critters which she specifically asked for when she was 10 even though they are intended for kids ages 3 and up. Never even took them out of the box. she's 12 and her main toy now is her cell phone so I'm not quite sure what to do with these toys. Should I leave them in the boxes and just store them away and then give them to my kids when their age appropriate? Should I donate them? There are some stuffed animals here given to her by her aunt's as well I know toys for tots prefers unwrapped toys still in the box so stuffed animals cantreally be donated in the same way. What would you do with them? SD has had several chances to take them home she just doesn't want these things.

There is a big box of Legos that we're definitely going to keep however!


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If you have the corgi family calico critters mail them to me!

But, I agree her father should ask her what she wants to keep. If she says everything, limit to a storage tote size.  

When DH's kids pulled their CPS bullsh*t and not coming back, we put their most sentimental toys in storage totes and donated the rest.  Only thing they have asked for is a Playstation b/c SS broke theirs in a rage.

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To your bio kids.?  Your kids should get new toys what they want. Not SD left overs.  Let DH handle it.  Put them in a box give him three to four weeks to handle it.  After that time goes to needy family's maybe they SULL enjoy them 

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I was on the fence on giving my daughter the majority of the plushes I bought for the SDs.  She plays with them so glad i kept them.   DH got DD a plush recently and it was a character that the SDs collected.  I was like really???  I know he only got it to either remind him of SDs or he wants our DD to like what they liked.

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As annoying as it is, especially since you helped pay for these toys..they were gifts and belong to SD. You don't really have the right to get rid of somebody else's belongs. You do however have the right to box them up and remove them from your house. Box em up and drop of at bio moms house 

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Let your DH ask her if she wants to keep any of the items, then do what you will with them once that has been decided.  Steps get real territorial when someone else may want to play with something.  We had two very young family members that wanted to play with some Brio trains that SS may have played with once - they were kept at his grandmother's house.  He forgot that she even bought them.  In any event, SS 17 pitched a fit when some toddlers wanted to play with them because they were bought for him to play with originally.  Yes, he is that selfish at 17 years old.  He got mad at the toddlers and was huffing/puffing/grunting - so embarrassing... for HIM.