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Video Game Weirdness

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SD10 plays Roblox. She plays on a laptop. She doesn't have a headset/mircrophone or anything, but she will "talk/yell" at the computer, like the other people can hear her. It's the weirdest thing I've ever seen. She yells and has full blown conversations with no one that hears her. DH tells her to chill out, it's just a game, and not that serious. I don't know any other kids that "game" so didn't know if this was actually common with pre-teens? It just seems really weird to me that she is having one-sided conversations and gets SO invested in it. Literally and mad, upset, and yelling over a GAME. With no one she knows in REAL life. Thoughts?

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The amount of times I heard my brother when he was a teen going off on a game even if people couldn't hear him was ridiculous. . Some people can't see the difference between a game and real life when they're playing and they'll treat a game so seriously that it borders on unhealthy but she probably knows that she isn't holding a conversation with people that can hear her, its more a way for her to get her frustration or annoyance out. It might be worth asking her to take a break from the game especially when she gets worked up over it until she can control herself a bit better. 

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Totally normal. People talk to themselves or inanimate objects all the time. Why not a computer game? 

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 Completely normal for gamers. My brothers and SSs did this all the time, and they're socially well adjusted.

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Normal, my SK does this. However; Roblox has some pretty adult content from what I understand?

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Totally agree! It even has a chat room text feature! Totally inappropriate in my eyes! Bios don't monitor her, so I'm not taking on that responsibility. Tried that before!

 With OUR kid, there WILL 100% be a screen time limit as well as parental controls when they are older.

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People do it all the time. Be honest, Who here hasn't argued with the self check out?  If I had a nickel for everytime i heard - i did put it in the bag. :-) 

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I talk to EVERYTHING. Pets, computers, the stove, other drivers, plants. If I don't say it out loud then it's a running dialog in my head.

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Nothing wrong with talking to the computer unless it gets out of control.  Screaming, yelling, and getting upset means it is time to take a break.  I have a SS that is addicted to the computer.  He has to be monitored and has been in therapy for his addiction.  He has actually punched a computer screen and broke it.  I pray for your sake that your husband will not let something like this happen with his child.  It is sad.

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Nothing purging electronics from your home won't fix. Lock up the computers, tablets, phones, etc....

We purged all video games from our home when SS was in about 6-7th grade and they were never allowed back in our home again.  SS's laptop in HS had a key stroke tracker on it and we monitored everything he did all of the time.

It isn't hard to do with the control that modern WiFi and Smart House systems allow.    

Let SS cry and moan.  Tough crap. Tantrums towards a video game or computer is just pathetically ridiculous regardless of the age of the kid. Purging access to his addiction solves the problem.. at least until he launches. Then... it is not longer the parent's prob


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I know this topic is old a dirt but  since it's been revived and reading comments is this really normal to have full blown conversations with yourself? I get minor talking to ones self out loud but this doesn't really seem normal in my eyes? I don't remember doing this as a child or any other kids growing up (granted I did grow up in a different generation but still...) I just want to know what to expect with new technology when it comes to kids and what's normal vs abnormal.