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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Happy Friday, STalkers! Sorry I'm late to the game, but it's been a helluva morning. Thanks to a system upgrade, my Zoom went kaput. I am not at all sorry about THAT because I could not participate in any onscreen activity. Boo hoo - NOT! Fingers crossed that it's the worst thing that happens today...

Eff off to:

  • New Guy. It's GREAT that you are enthusiastic and have big ideas. But insisting that changes MUST be made simply because YOU do not like the current setup and want it to be just like your old job ain't gonna fly. This setup was a long time in the making and it works. You need to adapt. It's key to staying here.
  • Those who think everyone wants bios (yes, you, Mordred, you arse). Puh-lease. There are people WITH bios who should't have a pet rock, much less offspring. So stop yammering on about the joys of children and how Siggy and Fester (male coworkers) and I are missing out because we never procreated. We're not missing a thing. P.S. Your children are whiny smartarses. That's why people run for the hills whenever you bring them in.
  • King Pita. Why won't my magic laryngitis dust work through the phone? KP needs to go on vacation. Until 2022...
  • Cancer, that effing effer. My former boss lost his wife on Monday. He is devastated. I'll spend part of this weekend at a funeral. Cray 2


Wishing you an enjoyable, safe, and stress-free weekend. Who else has Monday off? *yahoo*


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Eff off to Mr. Pouty Pants (DH). He was pouting last night (nothing to do with me or skids), and didn't feel like making dinner. Sometimes he cooks, sometimes I cook, so no big deal. He didn't like anything I suggested (he wanted to order a pizza but didn't' say it out loud because I'm eating healthy trying to drop a few pounds).

So, fine, he wasn't going to suck me into his drama. I have lots of fresh fruits and veggies in the house so I made a DELICIOUS salad of papaya, tomatoes, avocado, and grilled chicken over red leaf lettuce with a lovely honey lime vinaigrette.

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Your salad sounds truly scrumptious!!! What did Mr. Pouty Pants end up eating?

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He grazed on leftovers (but not my leftover salad--hands off!). Then made popcorn after I went to bed.

This is my circus, but he's his own monkey.

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to Gen Tide Pod underwriters and loan officers.  I've already had to explain U.S. tax code and the fact that pulling a hard credit check shows my personal credit obligations. Oh and have had to point out "I've already provided that information"  SEVERAL times.

Apologies to all under 40 set that were actually raised responsibly.

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What IS it with those who ask for the same freaking things over and over and over and over? KP does that, too, and that effer is darn near 60!

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In the spirit of optimism that I am feeling today, Id like to eff off, then provide a positive HOWEVER.


* Eff off to the new boat which is sucking out all my $$ currently to pay off the credit card dept incurred in the purchase of its expensive yet purrs like a kitten motor.

HOWEVER, I am hoping to make that $$ back over this next year, as it is the tax write off will hopefully recoup a nice big chunk, fingers crossed

* Eff off to Toxic Troll who is "getting $5,000" in a week or two, for her head injury, or we do not know what she just is (Trust me her brain is not worth that much) and still wants DH to "chip in" the cash for Munchkins new bass guitar and amplifyer.

HOWEVER, Step life win, because DH tells me "I pay her child support, she can take it out of that", and step life win #2. Dh tells me he has communicated to BOTH Munchkin AND Toxic Troll that bass guitar and amplifyer will stay at Toxic Trolls Toxic Apartment because no one cleared it with us, prior to ordering/paying/shipping and it was supposed to be just a flute and then the guitar/amp "happened"

* Eff off to cancer, again. My good friend's mother just learned she has uterin cancer.

HOWEVER, its stage 1.

* Eff off to all the beaches in the area being closed this holiday weekend, which I have the day off but no where to go and no $$$ to go there with.

HOWEVER, to be fair, it is for everyones safety because the freaking tourists always overrun the beaches and are NOT being very safe. Plus with the advent of fall I have been bitten by the "clean and clear" bug. Ive scrubbed the walls of the bedroom, cleared out knick knacks that were just meh, there, and hung an amazing peice of art that was sitting all alone in the 2nd living room, which I plan to attack next. My bedoom is looking mighty sexy now! rawr.

* Eff off to the stomach pains and nausea that I experienced this week on Wednesday.

HOWEVER, they went away and I am chipper as ever today and ready for this 3-day weekend. Maybe Ill get to do some creative stuff maybe put some love on my garden. Maybe have an amazing day watching the fish swim around in their tank, who knows? The future is full of opportunities!

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What, only $5000? I thought she was getting millions!

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AND while I REALLY need the cashola, I dont want to sell it to HER, not at all. Because then husband is "obligated" to work on it. He will make money of course but to me its not worth it.

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I've been liking mine less and less. My situation is nothing like yours so I'm really struggling to move past the problems.