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Stealing Aniki's OT-Eff off Friday

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I am stealing this today because I need to say eff off to a few things:
Eff off to car troubles, especially when it has to get towed. Then all the shops in town are packed full so you have to take it to the dealership who is way more expensive then everybody else.
Eff off to my parental unit when I called to see if we could borrow one of their four cars for a few days until mine is fixed, they had to hem and haw and think about it for a bit....ummm cool thanks never mind I'll go rent a car.
Eff off to more people coming back to work and not taking the YOU MUST WEAR A FACE COVERING seriously! Like dude wearing it around your neck does not work. Hey lady wearing it dangling off your ear does not work. And that guy over there not even wearing one wow okay!
Oh and Eff off to the air going off in our building and today we are supposed hit 111.
So thank you Aniki for letting me steal this from you today, I needed it.


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Yess eff off to car problems. My car broke on Sunday. Axle and cv joints. Which I new I needed by they finally decided to break. Shocked I made it home from work! Scary ride home though, whole car was shaking. 

SO is currently working on it. He is not a happy camper right lol! He hates my car. Now he is really hounding me to get a new one. My father is coming to help him soon though. 

I'll give SO that he is one handy guy! Haha 

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I hate the people who don't wear face masks and take it seriously. Amen to that eff off!

Also eff off to the guy who tried to merge his pickup truck into the side of my car and then became belligerent (arms waving, middle fingers going up, mouth flapping wide open - stupid redneck kid) when I honked to alert him to his own stupidity.

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EFF off to Aniki being MIA..


hoping you come back soon,honey..we miss ya!

BUT a Great BIG thank you to advice.only2 for picking up the batton.


Eff Off to cwazy delusional conspiracy freaks from sea to shining sea  spinning fear and uncertainty.

And ,wear the mask, folks.  Actually have you noticed how it really brings out your eyes?

Yes 3


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Can I ask what's up with Aniki? I haven't been around much so I feel like Im missing something. 

F off to my sister in law, DHs sister who along with SD21 told BM they wish she was still with DH and they should get back together. So fuck me, the new wife. I understand why SD21 feels that way but DHs sister knows the awful things that BM did to the kids and DH and family. She steals, she lies, she manipulates and that is what my sis in law wants for her brother.