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Off topic but need to Vent about DH

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Ok I work as a nurse at a VERY busy hospital. Along with COVID we are very short staffed. I've been mandated to work all kinds of crazy hours. Days,evenings,NIGHTS and weekends. 

When COVID first started DH was pretty good about helping more around the house since I was working more and he was working from home. This lasted ONE week. Yes I asked and yes I made a list for him. Still he would say he was to busy with work to get things done. Of course all his "outdoor projects" got done somehow.


Anyways this past week has been crazy. I'm on my second overnight plus working days  so I sleep when I can. When I got home this morning from work I asked DH to water my garden and vacuum. Well when I got up at 2pm DH was in pissy mood.

It started when I sat on the chair and said "oh god"( hey I've worked all night and tired) DH Immediately snapped in NOT a nice caring way and said to me "what's wrong". 

Then to come to find out House not vacuumed and garden not watered. DH snapped at me "who cares about the garden you are the one who wanted it" when I told him my garden was wilted from not being watered.

He started to vacuum slamming the vacuum around and Kicking/throwing things out of the way complaining about junk being in the way. 

I started to cry as a Combination of being tired from working and DH being a dick. Oh course this just Agitates DH more. 

Now add we get the step brat for the weekend. At least I'll be working part of it. DH whole Demeanor will change when the brat comes over. DH will be upbeat laughing asking SS about his week and what he would like to do. 

So sorry I'm so tired and Frustrated I had to vent 

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Your DH has anger issues. He sounds like an over grown spoiled entitled child. Good luck with the big baby. 

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He wants everything his way. He does not care about you and your relationships,   Hope you are keeping all this money you are making in your own account.  Not using it for SK.  Let DH take care of SS by himself.  Cooking cleaning, ect 

Disengage from SS until DH CHANGES 

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I just don't get these kind of mantrums. My DH will be the first to tell you that he's naturally lazy. And he is, unless it's something HE decides to do. Still, he asks me every day what he can do for me while I'm at work (he's retired). He ENJOYS lightening my load, even if he doesn't enjoy the chore itself.

Is he generally unwilling to do "women's work?" If so, I'd consider going on strike until there is a better balance.

When you've had some rest and your house is skid-free, have a calm conversation about how his pissy, selfish attitude was hurtful.

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Well, that was jerky behavior on his part. Was that typical for him?
I'd be inclined to be just too tired to do anything for him.

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Die. Let the house be a mess. Leave when he has a baby fit while vacuuming. Just let stuff work hard n deserve time relax. If the house is a mess when skid comes over oh well. 

Invite company over. He might clean then. Once we had company coming over n my dh left his shaved beard hair all over the sink. I was gonna leave it there, my guests would know who the slob was. It was magically cleaned up before company arrived.

Slavery is dead. You don't have to do his fair share

I have yet to hear of a dh who cleans a toilet, lol

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Wow.  The previous answers are much nicer than mine.  Maybe I am feeling the stress of my own job during this horrible mess and a similarly unhelpful DH but my suggestion is to leave for the day saying "See ya', DH.  I am going to go help people try not to DIE today.  You enjoy being "BUSY" here."  And slam the door on the way out.

Thank you for what you are doing.  You all are heroes and I hope to God that none of us need you any time soon.  Stay safe and try to get some rest.  Sending you a big hug!

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That slamming/kicking thing would have made me lose my gourd.  It's mean, it's childish, and it's 100% not OK.

If this were me he would have two choices: he can grow the f*ck up and help his wife, or he can find himself with no wife.

My DH has ADD and he does not see what needs to be done in the same way that I do, his job is more stressful than mine, but he is absolutely fine with me leaving him a "honey do" list.

This man sees the critical work you are doing, sees how bone tired you are, and acts like an asshole.  I'll kick him in the balls for you and you don't even have to ask me.

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"If this were me he would have two choices: he can grow the f*ck up and help his wife..."

I'd say he needs to grow the f*ck up and realize he lives there too and as an adult he needs to help with the general household maintenance, and to step up esp. if the other spouse is helping very sick and dying people in the middle of a pandemic while working long hours and still brining in a paycheck.

My DH is not a maintenance person at all, so I get the frustration you have. He seems to have time to do what he wants but not enough time to help clean much of the time. Can you hire a house cleaner even once a month to do even part of the house? 

My DH has had some very long work days this week so I stepped up with dinner help, cleaning the kitchen, some extra laundry. No complaining, I just did it. If I work late, DH cooks, cleans the kitchen and often does a few extra nice things (not cleaning usually, but nice romantic things).

If he kicked out and pouted I'd stop cleaning ANYTHING.

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Yeah, it's not the lazy/clueless part that prompted my reponse, it's the fact that he acted like such a little b*tch about it.

I like your idea of hiring help and he can pay for it.

And I agree, both DH and I will step up for each other when needed. 

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Does he hate the shift incentive pay you're getting? Does he hate the overtime pay you're getting?

What a baby.

As for the garden, can you purchase a sprinkler head with a timer and hook it up to the hose?

For the home, since your DH doesn't seem to think he should clean HIS house, then he must be forced to halfsies on a maid with you. If it were just you, you would probably hire a maid during this time, but since DH and spawn also make messes, he should also pay. Now that I think of it, he should pay 2/3 and you 1/3 for the maid, since his spawn is another person making messes in the shared home.

As for his mantrums, I would do what others said and just leave when he pitches a fit. That is very unsexy behavior and it should not be rewarded with your attention (good or bad attention - bad attention is letting him see you cry and engaging in the fights).
If you just leave, then he will associate his mantrum behavior with you leaving. If he wants you there, he will stop the behavior.

If he continues the behavior, I would take that as a sign that he wants you to leave permanently. So, divorcing the a-hole would be best for you.

You are a nurse. You make good money. You have hobbies. This makes you a good catch. If your DH can't see that, then some other man surely will and will treat you with the love and compassion you deserve.

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Idk, it seems like a lot of these guys are just bad at life and relationships all-around. The step issues are just one of their many issues. 

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They've OBVIOUSLY failed at relationshipping before. No way 99% every single BM is a "crazy bi!ch".

We definitely need to add "Shows no insight and takes no ownership in the failure of previous relationships" to the ST list of Red Flags.

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OP, I really feel for you and understand how bone tired your body and numb your mind gets  switching shifts .You  especially need to be well rested when  working under these unusual conditions where  small slip ups  or breaks in safe practice continuity and sterility can cause contamination .Contracting this virus has proven to be extremly virulent and deadly to many.

Thank you for your courage and selflessness. Please make the time to care for yourself,eat and stay hydrated.Get your sleep.Make yourself and your health a priority for as long as necessary.

AND as far as this guy you share a home with? F*ck him.

He is a selfish little tw*t  who can't see the big picture because his whiney little man ego is in the way.

Honey,you deserve SO MUCH better and more from a life partner.This guy can't even f*cking water a garden or run a vacuum cleaner w/o his panties  choking his testicles into a knot.  

Start closing ranks. Think about YOU first. Tell him he's on his own and ignore him  , his kid,  their needs etc.

Don't take his BS and if he gives you some tell him either he buttons it or leaves or YOU will.And then pack a bag and go stay at a hotel where you can get some rest.

You focus  on you and keep doing that b/c you do not know how long you will be pressed into working these odd and stressful hours. You are a professional with a license to maintain. Your profession is taxing physically and emotionally. You have to be on your game b/c you do have  alot of responsibility. .Being mandated to work is not fun especially when you are switching shifts .And working exhausted,mentally and physically is dangerous for you and your patients even during non pandemic times.

If your H does not get it then he really is not  a life partner. And that Ahole could only last ONE week of helping more ,picking up some of your load .Really. What a cry baby loser. 


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All working women need a wife!  Your DH is unwilling to partner with you on this so hiring help a few days a week would be the path of least resistance. My mom is retired but earns side money by helping elderly people with cleaning and gardening as needed.  You could hire someone a few times a week for a few hours and it wouldn't cost that much. DH is home so he could let them in.  

I love my DH but his idea of cleaning is doing his own dishes and being able to walk through the house. Funny how he'll spend hours cleaning and organing the garage though! Luckily I have a well trained kid who helps out and is compensated for it.  With exH he was a slob and did nothing. I would work then come home for my "second shift." I gave up and stayed home since we couldn't afford help.  

Hope the two of you can work it out financially.  I feel your angst but can tell you from experience that the fight isn't worth it.