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When you didn't bite your tongue...

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What's something you said, that maybe you shouldn't have? 

For me:

The other day SS10 was looking for a spoon in the drawer and said "where's all the spoons?"

To which I replied, "in the drawer at your Mom's house because you never fricken bring them back from your lunches". 

He did not like that lol. 

Let's hear yours. 

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That seems pretty harmless! I'd have said that to SS without batting an eye (though I'd never in a million years have let him take one of our spoons, lol).

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I bought the big packs from Sam's club. They weren't at bm's (he never went). Instead they were buried in trash piles in formerSO's kid's room. It was so disgusting. 

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Make him eat with his hands  using flimsy disposable dishes.   When he is shovelling stew, spaghetti, etc... into his mouth while having to eat outside he might gain some clarity.


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"You're a smart young man.  Have you ever seen your mom or I do any of the things the (SpermLand) crew complains about? Use your head. Don't be manipulated."

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My mom says that your house is dirty and that we shouldn't have to come over here! My reply well tell your mom that maybe should keep something in her mouth to occupy it instead of running it.

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My SS would never understand that. But it reminded me of something his Mom said to him when I was pregnant with my daughter, he was just 6 and came home after telling BM and said to me, "maybe now you'll have something to keep you busy". Which if you knew SS10 you would know he would never articulate a thought like that on his own lol. 

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Spawn asked me why I couldn't just get a job and work so that Meth Mouth could get more money? I asked Spawn why her mom couldn't stop doing drugs and getting arrested and get a job?

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SS5: "Mommy said daddy is a liar."

Me: "Well your mommy isn't very smart, is she? And it's not nice to call someone a liar when they aren't one, your mommy should know that."

Normally I have a bit more self-control but I just could not hold back that day.

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"Did they die? Leave you for someone else? Divorce you?" THREE YEARS OLD!!

After about 3 rounds of this my response was, "Tell your mom and dad if they want to know that information THEY CAN ASK ME."

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"Well, they went missing.  Allegedly they ran away.  No one really knows....." 

*Evil, evil smile*

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"And I can make the same thing happen to your mommy if she keeps lying about me."

Mwaaaaaa,, haaaaaaaa, haaaaaaa, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!



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Tell it as it is.  Buy plastic spoons for SS to used. Maybe BM. Can start a collection of plastic spoons and folks . If he saids something that is hurtful or not his. Concerned tell him to go to his room. 

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I've stopped biting my tongue. I told her straight up that I no longer buy things for her because she never brings anything back from BMs. I used to lavish her with clothes and gifts but not as of a year or so ago. SO is in charge of everything. I won't even buy socks. 

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While BM and DH were having a disagreement about BM not feeding the kids before she brought them over at 9 pm she said I didn't have time...I accidently piped in and said well you had plenty of time for your hair and makeup...ooops...she lost her mind.

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"if you are so miserable here then you can get the f*ck out."  And it worked!  *ROFL*   *diablo*

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Hello, I am new to this Blog and site. I just wanted to share that I can understand what you are saying about biting your tounge. We are all human beings and becoming upset or saying something we didn't mean honestly, is a fact of life!! Say sorry and move on, it's almost always situational and move on... but no.... if you are a step parent it is as if you've already been branded as "the terrible horror or evil person" just for being there at all. you can never do anything right, love is never ever returned, it is as if you just are a bad person no matter what.   I am so tired of proving financially, doing all chores, making her bed, making her dinner, basically everything,... buying gifts and trying so hard....walking on egg shells and dealing with a withdrawn, self absorbed, passive aggressive step daughter who doesn't ever lift a finger to do absolutely anything. she is 16 and hasn't washed a dish, she hasn't made her bed, done her own laundry- absolutely nothing. . If I do "anything" perceived as aggressive or wrong at all, and  I mean one comment or one outburst,- it's as if I am a total bad person and I basically walk around every day of my life feeling as if I am a "bad" person, and that my significant other and his daughter are more important than me, and that I am a lesser human being. I am really upset and it seems nobody cares at all about the step person.... the only people that matter are the ones who bore a child. and that child is extremely spoiled and privileged and as if i am a lesser human being. i just need some help on how to deal with this!!! 

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Welcome!  I can't tell if you are married to this man or not, but if you aren't, I'd seriously reconsider whether to do so or not.  You said he is controlling, thats not good.  Is he the one blaming you? Or is that your perception?  You are doing a lot, including financial support.  I'd do a lot less.  If you want to stay in the relationship, i would read up on disengaging on this site.  There is a LOT on here about that and it will help you.  Also, search the site for the term 'launch plan" for this 16 yo.  But really, BirdyBird, i think the main issue is your man.  Good luck..  


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Munchkin, then SD11: "why cant we all just get along?" When things were really super toxic.

Clove: "You should really just ask your mother".

Munchkin, then SD12: "All my aunties and cousins REALLY like my mother!" (they pretended to be enthused, but really disliked and actually hated BM...)

Clove: "No they dont, they just pretend to make you happy"

Munchkin SD14: "You always make the stepparent thing worse than it actually is"

Clove: "OK, well, remember when I told you that you would be a stepmother over my dead and cold body? Well, now I reverse that and hope that someday you become a stepparent someday so you can feel my pain!"

DH, a month ago: "Maybe it is in Gods plan that you never had children of your own..."

Clove, cutting him off :"What - so A$$holes like your ex, Toxic Troll can have children instead????? Feck that."

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I have no words strong enough to apply to your DH's ignorant delusional crap on how  it is God's plan for you remain childless.  While TT breeds wholesale and destroys the lives of her spawn by her mere existence, this crap spewed by your DH is mind boggling.

Just wow.

If ever there was a case for requiring a license to breed, it is TT.