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DD is sick but let's talk about SD

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We just HAD to see the in laws for Father's day. We haven't gone out since. Here we are a week later and baby DD has a fever and snot. I ask my in laws if any of them have been sick since if we're sick that's where it came from since they are the only ones outside our bubble. They blow it off as teething. It's not teething... Then my SIL changes the subject by sharing some poor quality video of SD13 that is 10 years old. Ok..?

Eff my SIL. Why does EVERYTHING have to be about SD? DD is sick so now I have to proceed as if she has COVID until we know she doesn't and her own family is more concerned with remanicing about SD with some grainy video from 10 years ago?? WTF.

This affects my job since I can't go in if there is a sick household member, as if anyone cares.


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I'm sorry about your sivk baby.  How old is she?  Poor little thing and poor Mommy who has to handle it.  Hope she gets better soon.  Hopefully, it's just a passing cold and nothing more serious.  Hang in there, Mom.

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You need to be blunt and tell CIL (C*nt-in-Law) you are not interested in seeing anything about SD. Keep saying that until the hag gets the hint.

And emphasize MY BABY and say her name. Bust out your phone and show photos and videos of HER!

I'm sorry she is ill; i would freak the F out at this time. If you're breastfeeding, nurse her on demand and your antibodies will help her. My DD caught a bad cold (years ago) had a fever etc. She would not drink water or eat but she breastfed through it a lot and came out fine.

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The never ending skid talk can be totally annoying. My DH and his family - I've known them for probably 15 years so his sister and my kids grew up together. When the kids aren't with us she will always rant and rave about his kids, it's just irritating lol. I know my kids are older and not as cute but still. 

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So sorry, Hon, to read that your little one is sick. The anguish of holding a flushed, feverish baby is stressful enough without the added fear of Covid. 

Your SIL is a game-playing a$$hole and that’s why she’s single, rather than that twaddle about her brother’s divorce. Puhleese!

You’ve written: 

~It’s not like she is friends with BM or sees SD ~

So, what’s her motive? Is she a meddlesome busybody with other family issues? Perhaps she simply enjoys creating drama? Her life must be both small and lacking in maturity. 


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This SIL has always carried a torch for SD and in her mind she can do no wrong. The other SIL can at least admit when SD is acting like a brat. This SIL would rather launch into a lecture trying to shame my husband for being a horrible person because he doesn't see SD enough and got remarried. I think she identifies with SD for some reason. She is the spoiled youngest sibling but from the way she talks you'd think she was neglected. 

I swear this SIL is so competitive about being the favorite child/aunt/sibling... She is so immature and is a stereotypical millennial. I'm a millennial too but at least I don't check off all those negative stereotypes... My only stereotype is that I am way too into having houseplants!