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Hey yall! Im new here, can yall explain some of these acronyms fof me! 

I got SD SS BMbut what is DH? I can use my own words, but i don't think mine is right! 




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Go to that disengagement section of the forums and just start reading.  I'm a relatively new member, too.  One effect of Steptalk is that after you read for awhile, you'll see that others have such horrendous situations that yours will look good!  Lol.

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I think it's at the bottom on the right, under FAQ, there is a list of the acronyms. There are other acronyms that are not on the list. Some of us have nicknames for our Skids.

DAH = Dumb Ass Husband, this is my DH quite often.

Skid = Step Kid

SGD10 = Step Grand Daughter 10 years old. * most of us put the age next to the acronym, since there is usually more then one skid.

a lot of the acronyms are a combination, HCBM = High Conflict Birth Mom or HCGUBM = High Conflict Golden Uterus Birth Mom.

Welcome to StepTalk, the only suggestion I have for you is to read through everything as must as possible. The knowledge on here is very powerful. There will be some that appear to be Pro BM and others that you want to argue with what they are saying.  If someone says something that you don't like, just scroll on by to the next. We all have enough issues in our lives that it's a waste of time to argue here between each other. 

Some of us have been in the StepHell war for many years, so we are harden and very blunt, what we say may come across as being mean or bitchy, but we have seen and experienced so much crap that it comes out in what we type. 


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Thank you SM for the good info! StepHell is definitely real! 

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If your husband worked nights, and you work full time, 40 years of age with his toddler,  you raise your own teenager by yourself,  would  you raise  raisie his teenager when his mother is perfectly fine to raise him? I did this for 6 months, and it was too much on me bc he didn't do his school work, dad was never home... I didn't even get a thing for mothers day, so I told him. Im sorry you just expected me to take on this role without asking me, regardless if im your wife, im NOT his mother and yall dont respect my rules. Is that just protecting my well being?