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Court cannot come soon enough

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So, SS is with mom. We find videos that he posted on his tiktok, one with a voice saying that they were depressed and going to kill themselves (Didn't sound like SS, but in a way did), the other video he typed a message on it saying "should I kill myself?"

BD and I called his phone several times with both our phones with no answer, BD called BM and informed her. She dismissed it claiming that he's just trying to be "tiktok famous" and "that's not his voice." Told BD that he did not have his phone because he was grounded from it.

BD requested for her to keep an eye on SS and she replied with, "Okay, but I know my son. He's not depressed. He's fine. He wouldn't be acting the same if he was depressed."

An hour later, I get a text from SS's phone saying, "You need to stop asking me questions. You are not my mom. I don't like you."

Nice try BM.

Locked the phone immediately, and know for a fact that SS still doesn't have it or else he would have called BD on BM's phone to get it unlocked. The phone is on my phone plan and I am paying for it. It is also linked with my ICloud through Apple so I had authority.

Just not sure what to do. SS had made claims last summer about not wanting to "exist" and he definitely knows what suicide is because BM has threatened infront of him in the past. We are currently in the middle of a custody battle and are waiting for court.


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You can tell if the audio is him on TikTok by looking at the bottom of the screen. It will be scrolling with the name of the "sound" and the username of the person who created it.

How old is he? I will say that it is really common for teens to post on SM about being depressed/suicidal. My oldest SD has done this a lot, and so many of her friends have too. Not one of them has ever attempted suicide. That being said, it definitely requires more investigation than BM just saying she "knows" he isn't depressed. It's unfortunately one of those situations where you have to take it seriously becuase the potential consequences of ignoring it are too awful to think about. I hope your DH insists on therapy for SS, if he's not in therapy already. A professional needs to be the one to determine if he's seriously having ideations, or not. 

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He is 10. And our lawyer contacted her about putting him in therapy and she refused saying it was not necessary. I do not see any sound tracks or audio. All I see is his username at the top.

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What do you think you should do.

In the middle of a custody battle...Why? Is mom  out on bail waiting her criminal trial for child abuse/neglect? OR drug charges? DUI?