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I swear I should just lick toilet seats just like the stupid teenagers!

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I mean it can't be any worse than my home life is these days! DH and BM are still sticking to the visitation schedule so I can never NOT have SD16 here long enough to make my home germ free. She was here last Wed. then this past weekend until Monday morning. She is here again tonight . But hey then I get a whole whopping 6 days break from her. (Not long enought to do any good). BM is still workig at the daycare. DH is still woking. Plus he ended up at urgent care on Monday when he cut his hand with a power saw! (No matter what, going to a hospital is just like walking into the fire)

At this point I am actually more concerend about making her and/or BM sick!!! I think I may actually already have the virus. I have been sick for exactly one month. First two weeks were hell (like having a bad case of the flu), Third week I started feeeling better but was still coughing all the time. Then this past week it eased up and I thought I was over everything but then Monday night I started feeling like shit again - nausous and  headachey. Tuesday the coughing started getting bad again and today I am weak and headachey. And they just said that some patients start to fell better and thne it comes back!!!!!

Dumb ass DH just left to get her though. And on top of that he is stopping at the store for hamburger buns.He was going to pick her up first and then stop at the store but at least I intercepted when I said "I hope you are planning on stopping at the store before you get her". Like seriously dude you have that little comon sense? 

Oh and I told him we had hoagie rolls here. We could have cut the hamburgers in half as a work aroudn but God forbid we donthave seeded hamburger buns (What SD16 likes)

Oh and the cherry on this shitty virus sundae? BM has been nice to DH. Texting him to se eif he needed any sanitizer or gloves. Texting to say she felt sorry about his accident. Like WTF??? 


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Are you self-quarantining?

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I'm staying in and letting everyone bring the germs to me! I know it's wrong to say but I wish they would all get sick too to understand how I've been feeling. 

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Aw Miss Ginger, I hope you feel better soon.

Your DH is insane still allowing visits from his kid when his wife is obviously ill. Shame on him. 
Not only is this rough on you, but then skid could catch it, bring it to BM, and it could go on and on from there...

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Your husband sucks.

You should dump him.

It won't get better 

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Hope you feel better soon. If he insists on allowing his daughter to continue coming knowing that you have been sick and she gets exposed and comes down with whatever bug you have....well than so be it! Maybe that's what it will take for him to get his head out his ass and see the severity of the situation.

Sending you healthy vibes!