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BM is either an idiot or she has another agenda

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So bf and BM have not exchanged any words for about a week and a half, until today BM messages in the app asking if the divorce had been finalized yet. Bf responds and says, have not heard yet, just waiting on the judge's signature. BM then responds she needed to know for taxes. Bf then responds that it won't be till next year's tax filing that they will file divorced or single. BM then responds again saying the tax guy asked and she filed separate ... Bf does not respond to this message.

So either BM is an idiot and cannot figure out that since you file taxes for the year that just ended in which they were not divorced yet, that they need to file as still married. OR BM has another agenda. I know BM is an idiot, but she messaged my bf last year about tax filing then too... 1. it is not that difficult to figure out, 2. clearly you are going through an accountant of some type so they could easily answer this for you, 3. stop messaging about shit that has nothing to do with the child.

I really don't know which it is, or maybe she is just too lazy to figure out the info.


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If he is filing jointly with her , it should have been spelled out in the divorce property settlement part of the paperwork.  If she goes on her own she could mess up BF's taxes if he hasn't already filed.  Unfortunately, this need to be clear and a short conversation should happen.  It was spelled out in my divorce papers.  IMO

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married filing separately. It states in their divorce papers that for the 2020 filing of taxes they will be filing as single or divorced (can't remember exact wording)... She wasn't asking if they were filing married jointly or married separarely, she was asking if she should file single or divorced... which even if they were signed they were still married in the year 2019 which is what the tax filing is for. That was what my point is. BM knows better than to ask or even think they would ever file jointly

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If they were married on 12/31/2019, then they have two options: Married filing jointly and married filing separately.

My state doesn't have any form of legal separation that would affect taxes, so I don't know if that makes a difference.

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means though she filed married but separate, which is how they filed last year.

That is why I was like does BM have some sort of other agenda that she can't figure that out for herself and/or that an accountant couldn't tell ya since the papers weren't offically filed to the court till 2/28/20 that she cannot file as single? 

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it is not exactly an either or situation only! No he has not filed yet, we are filing our taxes tomorrow (separately obviously, but we help each other). 

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I would ask your tax person if you have one (ie, not doing your own taxes) what the implications might be if she files wrong.

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Turbo Tax, we don't go see anyone especially now with everything going on. Last year she filed correctly and she says she filed married but separate this year so it should all be fine and dandy. Plus she gets to claim my bf's daughter on taxes every year so at least there is no screwing that up.

Since this is all common sense, well at least to me is why I proposed she had a hidden agenda, but have no idea what it could possibly be.

I do have CPA friends though I could ask about if she were to file wrong if it impacts him or not

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If she files wrong, the IRS will sort it out and let you know. After the tax codes changed, they sent us a letter demanding $34 that we supposedly underpaid, and then a month later, sent us a $34 refund.  So - they do keep track of what's what.

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She played with the numbers and found out Single would get more money maybe?   My DS and DIL, now, have 2 kids.  I always played with the numbers to see which should claim the kids to get max refund.  

She is getting something out of filing single.

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the IRS because for 2019, she was NOT single, the divorce papers say starting filing 2020, they will file single, but not 2019 because they were very clearly not divorced yet

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DH and I are legally separated, so we filed Separated, separately.  It's the same as Divorced.  Her tax person should be able to tell her that.


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there is no legal separation so you must file as married jointly or married separately until the divorce is finalized

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My accountant told me she sees ton of people every year who think they should file on their own without tax person help and then they do it all wrong and come in after the fact all upset. People, who either don't have the time like me or don't understand taxes (no crime in that) should just see a professional.