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Sd16 wants to come stay with us but she’s wild kid

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Sd16 has been to the beach and hanging out with her boyfriend since school closed it's doors over at her BM's house. I saw her post pictures on social media. She wants to come over and stay. Our stuff is already low. I don't mind dh providing or even dropping something's off to her if needed. But I don't want that contact or Me having to watch our reserves here. He still working and paying child support to her BM. I'm sure she's not working right now and they probably getting on each others nerves. I don't really want her on my nerves. Is it really selfish of me? 

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If she is 'wild', she probably will not be willing to abide by the sheltering in home rules for very long. People cannot go back and forth between houses in my opinion. Not to mention all of this 'quality family time' will test even the strongest of families, particularly if food reserves are being managed. 

You are not being selfish. Billions of people are having to make adjustments to their lives right now and BM and SD can do the same and stay together (and stay the hell out of your house).

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Bottom line you are not selfish these are different times.  The main reason you don't want her is the germs!!!

I am strictly no visits from ANYONE right now.  You don't live here you don't come here.  My steps are adults and never come only at Christmas or for money.  Those money exchanges will be done in the drive way.  

If she was one of those beach spring breakers I would more than put my foot down!!! This is not about making things warm and fuzzy for millennials this is an pandemic which requires everyone to make tuff decisions and put their foot down!!!

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Nope. The idiot 16yo went to the beach to cavort with any number of idiot lusty young teen virus incubators.  She goes back to BM's and does not enter your home again untl she can prove she has been isolated for at least 14 days.

Don't let anyone's emotions over run intellect during this crisis. Or.... any other crisis for that matter. You can send her things via shipments from web based businesses if there is a legitimate critical need.

If the need does not pass your smell test, let she and BM deal without it.