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Monday Laugh

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(yes it really is sad and pathetic, but I'm MAKING LEMONADE!!)

YSS17 aka the HousesHitter is, of course, crater failing all relevant courses (Math, Science, History, English)

He is doing very well in Varsity Chorus. 

Now along comes what we used to call "Home Ec" or "Home Economics"

Kitchen Labs:

Failed "No Bakes"

Failed Garlic Cheese Biscuits  (for those across the pond we are not talking sweet biscuits aka cookies)

Failed Waffles

Failed Oven Fries

Passed Breakfast Sandwich and Muffins (which is interesting because this is exactly the stuff that the Girhippo used to sell in her now defunct bakery and catering enterprises).

P.S. He also failed his midterm do-overs.   Funny we never had do-overs for midterms when I was in school...


Again, you just.can't.make.this.stuff.up!


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Thanks for the laugh thinkthrice.

No we never had do-overs, but then again what teenager FAILS in making Oven Fries. I know its the home made kind but wasnt everyone taught this at 12!!!

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because the Girhippo considers herself a budding "Food Network Star."

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This made me laugh so hard!
I don't even know what to say about it because it is ridiculously stupid, I mean it's close to failure at boiling water.

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I just... I'm fairly sure my 6 year old could follow directions to make all those things. *ROFL*

Is this the BM who does the soup in cauldrons? You'd think someone who cooks "professionally" would be mortified to have their kid fail home ec. 

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Ding, Ding, Ding!!! That I what I came to say. How much do you want to bet he missed all those other classes which is why he failed??

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How do you even fail at home ec? I remember it being based on participation - you helped with the cooking, eating, and cleaning. If your cake fell, that was fine. The goal was to figure out, then, what you did wrong.

I just...can't figure out how...

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And yet... I bet you my next two paychecks that he'll STILL graduate with his class. Because NY! ROFL

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My son and his bff took home economics in his sophomore year and loved it. He and bff were the only boys in the class and DS claimed that it was 'chick paradise'. He ended up getting an 'A' in the class and learned a lot about basic cooking as well as making friends with some very attractive girls.