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Well, what do you know - OR - the tale of the performance bond

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Remember how at the show cause hearing, Medusa said she would put up a performance bond and then apparently did not put up said performance bond???   Good times, good times.

Well, not that this will come as any surprise to anyone, but she is in arrears AGAIN - hasn't paid a dime since the initial payoff back in early January.  No CS for January, no CS for February.   Michigan now has this great online site for CS and you can ask questions about your case and actually get answers fairly quickly!  

Anyhoo, last week, I sent an email asking if any enforcement was going to be taken, since, you know, one of the conditions in the order following the show cause hearing was that she remain current on her CS.    Caseworker told me that they had already contacted Medusa and were waiting for her response. 

Got this back today from the caseworker - 

"Good afternoon,  we have an update on your case.  On 2/7/2020 an order was received to initiate an account for a performance bond to make sure that funds are paid out for your case each month that the full obligation is not met. We will not be taking enforcement at this time.  Once the order is processed, and payments are consistent, we will stop any active enforcement. You may file a motion with the circuit court if you are still looking to pursue further enforcement."

Well, who knew that a threat of a bench warrant was something Medusa would respond to??   Despite her telling us all those years ago that "jail ain't no big deal," perhaps her jumpsuit days had a bigger effect on her?  

Idiot broad.  Just pay your freaking CS.  


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What is the site for Michigan? Is it like a Live Chat or email response? The phone system is a joke - you spend hours there.

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Thank you, we are on there already but must have missed the ask a question portion. I'll go hunting tonight.

Also I was rude sorry to barge in with the question and not comment on the thankfulness that something is holding BM's feet to the fire. 

Enjoy your weekend Smile

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I don't even know what to say about Medusa. She is her own breed of person, that's for sure.

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if Medusa had a swinging dick, she'd be behind bars years ago for defaulting on CS.

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A quick response via chat? How nice! 

Here I send an email to the local office, get an auto response saying "call the 800 main line". When you call (and sit on hold for 45 minutes), they tell you to email the local office. When you tell them you did and got an auto response saying to call the 800 number, they say they can't do that, try again. 

Literally you have to take a day off work, go sit in line half the day to be asked, "how much do you make? That's more than ME, why do you need our help??"